Games We Feel That Only We Play

In Games We Feel That Only We Play, Gaming Respawn discuss video games that they feel no one else plays except them.

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NecrumOddBoy975d ago

Castlevania Lecarde Chronicles 2


Just because it's an independent fan-made game doesn't mean it's not the greatest Castlevania title in over a decade. This masterpiece truly deserves to be played, but goes unnoticed 😔

Fist4achin973d ago

Definitely some overlooked gems there. Shadows of the Damned was one of my top five favorite games from the last generation. Highly recommended just for the humor!

Teflon02973d ago

Gurumin A Monsterous Adventure. To this day I love that game. Like a light hearted more platformer than combat version of Threads of Fate. I don't know a single soul outside me and my brother that knows the game. sad because it's one of my favourite PSP games I played even on Vita alot. Now I play the PC version a bit lol

The_Sage973d ago

I have Dante's Inferno, but I've never paid any of the others. Too few people have played Ico. Still one of my favorite games. As for a game that no one seems to have heard of but me... Undergarden is great. Hard to describe. Watch a vid and you'll see.