PlayStation Store: September’s Top Downloads

Marvel’s Spider-Man was the most-downloaded PlayStation 4 game last month, and I’d say it’s well-deserved — Insomniac’s take on the wise-cracking web-slinger has been widely hailed as one of the hero’s greatest adventures yet. Bravo!

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Ceaser98573617d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Its obvious that September was all about Spiderman and Playstation ... 3 Days 3.3 million copies sold tells you how big September was for Insomniac and Sony... Congrats to both Sony and Insomniac ...

Dragonscale7d ago

Got the steel book edition. Hardly buy digital nowadays unless its either unavailable on disk or cheap in a psn sale. Anyhow congrats to Insomniac, well deserved the game is awesome.