Darksiders III Reveals Post-Launch DLC Plans

Return to an apocalyptic Earth in Darksiders III, a hack-n-slash Action Adventure where players assume the role of FURY in her quest to hunt down and dispose of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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littletad11d ago

The Crucibles were already part of the base game for the last two installments. Now it's DLC behind a paywall. Sigh.

DarkOcelet11d ago

Actually, Darksiders 1 didn't have a crucible mode and Darksiders 2 locked Crucible mode behind a Crucible pass ( it was like the stupid online pass EA introduced last gen) if you have bought the game used so yeah. It's disappointing to know that the crucible mode is locked behind another paywall again.

littletad11d ago

Hey Dark, sorry man. I totally forgot about that, only because I bought the darksiders warmastered and deathinitive edition first, not the originals. My bad. I fell in love with this series, but only recently.

DarkOcelet11d ago

No need to apologize. And i definetly agree that its a great series. Hopefully this game sells good enough for Strife to get his own game as well :)

Kashima11d ago

The game is not fucking out yet

showtimefolks11d ago

Calm down this is the new norm now

Adexus11d ago

I adore the first two games, especially the second one but this game is way on the back burner, too many games coming out.

showtimefolks11d ago

The 2nd game is awesome and I love the loot grinding why they don’t have loot in this is beyond me

Adexus10d ago

Yeah I'm disappointed about that as well, really liked it in DS2.

bobsmith11d ago

probably gona get digital deluxe is 10 perecent off if you pre order so $72 comes with the dlcs idk should I 1 and 2 were good

RainOfTerror11d ago

got this puppy on pre-order, DLCs or not :)

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