Resident Evil: Ranked

Kevin Craig Writes: On a personal level, Resident Evil is my favorite franchise of all time. There have been many highs and lows, but that doesn’t prevent us from loving the zombie filled(Los Ganados? Las Plagas? Poisoned Hillbillies?) game series. So here is our ranking of the series up to this point.

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NecrumOddBoy6d ago

I think this is a well thought out and accurate list.

iplay1up26d ago

4 was the best! I have bought it 3 times. GameCube, Wii, and Xbox One X. It looks much better on current gen hardware, than on the Wii.

Solesquared6d ago

Resident evil 4 was overrated and resident evil 5 was underrated. 6 was horrible

Euphemism6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

4 was ok at best, the change was needed. Without it the series might have died long time ago. 5 was 4 with better visuals and in Africa ... haven't touched 6.

Even the masterpiece 2 has too many annoyances. Why is everything resetted during the second playthrough?! Why does one have gather the same gems, diamonds etc. to open a safe, painting etc. when we already did that puzzle during the first playthrough?!

In retrospect 3 is better than 2! There I said it and it is a known fact, that 3 is more than 2. I can't be wrong ..

Code Veronica is crap ...

My ranking would look like as follow

1. Resident Evil 1
2. Resident Evil 3
3. Resident Evil 2
4. Dead or zombified Spaniards
5. King Africa

Can not wait for RE2 Remake. Hopefully Re1 gets remade as well.

Solesquared6d ago

I agree RE3 was better than 2, I recently played through RE2 and yes its was pretty lazy to say the least.. Great for whatever reason then... I disagree about code Veronica, CV was pretty awesome on Dreamcast

2pacalypsenow5d ago

"Can not wait for RE2 Remake. Hopefully Re1 gets remade as well."

Resident Evil 1 has already has been remade.

Euphemism5d ago

Re1 has not been properly remade in the same vein as RE2. At 2pacalypsenow

stefan_7716d ago

Is the origins collection any good? Been thinking about getting it for ages

littletad6d ago

Honestly, getting the original only is better. Zero was passable, unless you're a die hard fan.

william_cade5d ago

hahaha How is 4 a true masterpiece when coins fly out of birds. I think the game sucked. The rest of the list was alright. Though 2 should be in the first spot.

Kcrizzle875d ago

LOL you raise an interesting point!

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