Blackout Might Get Dynamic Time of Day in the Future; Treyarch Talks Benefits for PC

Treyarch confirmed that Blackout mode might get dynamic time of day in the future. They also talked about the benefits of using for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PC.

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KaiPow6d ago

Time of day sounds cool on paper, but I really don't want to get shot by people in black camo during the dead of night.

Alexious6d ago

True, they have to balance it!

Jinger6d ago

night vision!

But honestly that would add a whole new level of stealth and being careful. I like the idea

Traingamez6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Time of Day, not time of night

could just be subtle shifts of the light and clouds as the sun arks across the sky, going from dusk till dawn

no one is saying 2am

neutralgamer19926d ago

Battle royal games such as FN/PUBG are about to face some real challenges

When you have huge AAA publishers coming after your market you better step your game up

NobleRed6d ago

They better work on hit detection and netcode. Treyarch is well known for shitty netcode and hit detection.

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