Is Peak Compute The Definitive Way To Compare PS4 Pro And Xbox One X’s GPU Performance?

Arjun: "In the console space, Teraflop figures are often thrown around in the discussion surrounding PS4 Pro and Xbox One X performance."

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iplay1up26d ago

This is a fanboy article. There are a TON of games that have better, and steadier frame rates on X, than pro, that also have 4K resolution. The delusion that PRO, is just as capable or better X is just that a delusion. There is no argument that PS has the exclusives, and some darn good ones. If you want the best console experience, for games like Tomb Raider Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Star Wars Battle Front 2, Assassins Creed Odyssey, Witcher 3, and way more. It is on the X period....Digital foundry has all of the comparison videos, if you want to check. BTW there are some great XB exclusives. They just do not come close to the amount of 1st party AAA games Sony has, at least I know and can admit that about XB. I don't like Sea of Thieves because I want to play singe player, and it is just too hard to do. State of Decay I played for an hour and a half, and it did not hook me. I do love some Gears 4 and Horizon, also games pass is FANTASTIC.

Skull5216d ago

Tflops will give you a rough approximation of what the consoles are capable of. Of course there are always exceptions but they’ve proven right on most occasions.

conanlifts6d ago

This is particularly true when they are both made by the same company.

bluefox7556d ago

Yet, there's still nothing on X that looks as good as many ps4 exclusives. Seems like focus on visuals is a better approach than focus on resolution.

conanlifts6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Yes and no. I love the art style in horizon and uncharted. The graphics are phenomenal. Yet Tomb raider on the X has better clarity and greater draw distance. For me the draw distance is a huge win in many games. Games like far cry 5, Forza Horizon 4, Witcher 3 etc are phenomenal on the X. Plus RDR2 is about to be released, which will rival any game. To claim they look worse than PS4 exclusives is not true.
I agree that Sony are amazing at making games that look stunning, but they are rivalled by some games.

blm5046d ago

The man already mentioned that boy I tell ya some people just don't read no mo

mcstorm5d ago

I have to disagree. Horizon 4 looks better then any racing game on any console.

The x is also still new and it's only had SOT and Horizon 4 in the 2nd year of it's cycle so we need to see what other Microsoft developers offer going forward. Yes the Xbox has not got a exclusive in the same core as UC but there is no FPS exclusive on the ps4 that matches Halo. The same as they don't have anything that matches Horizon.

We know the 3rd party games tend to look better on the X though and that's what Microsoft have been pushing at this moment I time.

For me all 3 consoles have Amazing looking games but it's game play I want more than looks.

iplay1up25d ago

Gears of War 4, as well as Horizon 4 look fantastic, and my point was most 3rd party games look, and run better on the X. That is a fact. Like I said Digital Foundry has all of the game comparison. That fact doesn't make me a fan boy, that is the reason I went with the X. Another plus for the X, is the 4K blu ray drive. The S has one too Again, I am not taking the fact PS4 has a ton of great exclusives, but it is pretty silly to argue over something that can be checked in mins. There is even a list of games that have the frame rates and resolution for both Pro and X side by side. .

Donnie815d ago

This is really a dumb or biased comment. So which one is it? Go compare hellblade and you will see its not only better looking head to head but the 1x version absolutely takes a dump on anything the pro has to offer. There are plenty of multiplats better looking than every checkerboard exclusive you can name as well. If you prefer the art direction cool but to say sony can just code away a massive power gap is just ridiculous.

rainslacker5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I feel that the average person often thinks that a higher visual quality equates to a tiger resolution. The company I worked for did some extensive testing on this, because we write graphics tools for game developers, and almost without fail, the layman thought the same image, with more focus put in quality, was the higher resolution image....particularly in the tests where the lower res image was put through a basic upscale process like most tvs have. In fact, most people said they couldn't tell a difference between a quality image upscaled from 1089, vs a 4k native image using the same image quality...judged by texture size and lighting factors. Higher texture quality and lighting/ shading techniques which would accompany a 4k process they could tell though. But that comparison hasn't had an appreciable application in today's console market, and it's pretty rare in the pc market.

Frame rate was almost never discernable to the average person, although comparisons where one had to judge which had the higher Frame rate, they often got it right for faster paced scenes.

I know people like to drone on about what they can discern, hence assuming everyone can, don't realize that the vast majority can't.

Our findings were even released to game developers so they could judge whatn was important for the devs to focus on. They were consistent with unity, epic, and some independent companies own findings from what I hear, although I've never bothered to.look deeper into it.

I think if the resolution and Frame rate were really important as some people say, not as many devs would be focusing on visual quality, which is separate from both those things.

TheCommentator5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Forza Horizon 4 looks absolutely stunning. The upcoming Gears will hold it's own too. The X is more than capable of outperforming the Pro and these two examples prove that. There will be many other examples when devs continue to show their new projects off too. (Please don't argue about not being in time to make a difference because we already know new games are not coming fast enough yet, and the topic is whether peak compute is the definitive way to compare the two, which it is.)

Also, if focus on visuals is a better approach than focus on resolution, why not keep every game at 1080p then and make the visuals super-awesome? Why even talk about anything higher?

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RizBiz6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Horizon is a PS4 game, not XBox. Forza Horizon is XBox.

sprinterboy6d ago

I watch all DF videos and yes they say its better on the X but you missed out they also say very minimal difference with a majority of the games. Seems like draw distance has the edge mainly in the games they do.

chiefJohn1175d ago (Edited 5d ago )

"soup like textures" #SoupGate.
Far from minimal

chiefJohn1175d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Well said, ppl love to live in denial. West denial virus lol

gamer78045d ago

Exactly right the amount of disagrees prove it really. Real world performance is what matters, how gamers actually benefit. I play exclusives on my Ps but all others on my Xbox.

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DarkVoyager6d ago

Talented studios are what matter most. Hence the reason PS4 exclusives look better than anything on Xbox One X.

Bhai6d ago

Even still, a gap of 2.2 TFlops is unjustified,nothing on xb1 shows it has such a whopping gap from the pro !

Neonridr5d ago

4.2 TFLOPS on PS4 Pro

as was said.. 1.8

rainslacker5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Im noy going to lie. The pro is also more capable than what we've seen. I've seen demos on it that look better than anything released for this gen on any system. I'm sure they can look even better on the x1x, and I've seen a few impressive tech demos which I question if they fully utilize what's available. I mean, they use the processing power based on stats, but I question if they're fully optimized.

I've personally written x1x graphics routines that can do more than what I've seen implemented thus far, but I feel they aren't going to be utilized that much this gen. I know my PlayStation counterpart in the company has as well, and he feels the same way. For all the power these systems have, it isn't being used to full effect, despite rather elegant system design overall....particularly on the x1x, which I still marvel over what I can find to squeeze impressive results out of. Take what I say with a grain of salt, but I am considered a Sony fan boy by some around here.

I don't know with the next gen.looming if we will ever truly see what they're capable of. TLOU is probably the best candidate to take full advantage, but I also think ND mat be starting to allocate some ICE team resources to next gen.

Mid gens are an interesting idea, but their timing midway through the gen outs them too late the early parts of a generations dev cycle, and almost inconsequential for the latter parts of the gens dev cycle. Not sure I'm saying that right, but I'm on mobile, and don't want to write a technical analysis.

Its just another reason why I think the mid gen paradigm is mostly pointless for the long term, unless the console makers want to go without definable generations, and move more towards a smart phone model...which to me just aggravates the things most devs like about console development, and overall, just means a constant flip flopping over who's winning the power struggle in the console war. Which al in all is still pointless because the lowest common denominator is going to have more of an effect than anything else.

rockwhynot5d ago

I have to agree. Breath of the wild looks so pleasing on a big screen tv. And it's mainly due to the games artistic direction.

Hedstrom6d ago

Its kinda the same as with the og ps4 and xone, but the roles are reversed.

Hardiman6d ago

Except the PS4 was a hundred bucks cheaper than the Xbox One at the time. That's why it mattered, thd X is more expensive and yet games like HZD, Uncharted, Spider-Man and GOW blow it away!

Imalwaysright6d ago

No it wasn't. The PS4 was cheaper than the X1 + Kinect.

Profchaos5d ago

Yeah I'd agree you need talented devs to unlock that power just having power for powers sake doesn't make a console I'm not knocking the x but so far forza is the only title that looks incredible on it

rainslacker5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

@I am

And you couldn't get one without the other. If ms releases with anything other than a cheaper price given the power discrepancy, they would get the same criticism. If Sony release at a higher or the same price, the excuses would have been that the power difference was minimal.and not that perceivable. I mean those power differences were already said to be that anyways.

To be fair, the power discrepancy is about equal percentage wise with the mid gens, but there is an actual significant real world processing power difference between the two. However, when the pro is coming out with some games that look better than what you see on the x1x...mostly from sony...One does question the posturing attitude that the x1x is significantly better.

Hardiman5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

@Imalways yeah that's what I was talking about! The more powerful console was a hundred bucks cheaper Kinect none withstanding. The Kinect was pointless but M$ insisted!

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kevnb5d ago

Nope, but it’s easy to market.

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