EDGE #325 review scores

This month’s EDGE scores include a tough verdict for Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Forza Horizon 4, Valkyria Chronicles 4, and more.

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Razzer6d ago

Wow. Shadow of the Tomb Raider got a 4? They must have really slammed the game in the review.

Destiny10806d ago

The Verge "As a fan of the previous two games, I was happy enough to blast through another near-identical adventure. But the series now finds itself at the same place it was before the reboot: stale and out of ideas"

From what I've read its not a 4/10 game but its also not a 10/10 game

CarlDechance6d ago

Nothing I've read about the game puts it down as a 4 either. Edge can be a bit ridiculous sometimes with their reviews.

paintedgamer19846d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Had it been by a Japanese game dev it would have gotten 8, 9, or 10... but it would have also been a different game. Yes, 4 is basically trolling its consumers as most of us dont agree the game is lower than a 7. Even those of us that hate the game prob wouldnt give it lower than a 6.

NewMonday6d ago

Destiny 2: Forsaken – 9
agree, this is Destiny better than it has ever been

Valkyria Chronicles 4 – 8 WOW!

warriorcase6d ago

I enjoyed it but, like you say, it's defiantly not a 10 but no way it's a 4. It has some great production values at times but I felt like it was missing that Crystal Dynamics secrete sauce. It felt like it didn't move very far from Rise of the Tomb raider as a sequel. For myself I think the 7.5-8 scores are more on the mark. It is an enjoyable game for sure but not as gripping as the other games where on release. My 2 cents atleast but I get that these reboots/prequel trilogy isn't everyone's cup of tea.

carcarias6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Yeah, I'd give it somewhere between 7-8. Split the difference and you get 75% which is unsurprisingly pretty much what it ended up getting across the board on Metacritic, both critics and users.

I think that's the general consensus, with a few love/hate reviews thrown in. So 4 out of 10 isn't particularly indicative of the games overall reception, in the same way as the reviews that gave it 9.5 aren't either.

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Kurisu6d ago

I ordered the game from Amazon yesterday for £35. I'm surprised the game is already available at this price so I'm glad I held off from buying it on launch day. Sure the first two games weren't exactly groundbreaking but I still had fun with them, so I'm pretty sure Shadow will warrant more than a 4. Reviews are subjective at the end of the day anyway. If you like it you like it, if you don't you don't.

VenomUK6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I’m surprised they gave it a 4 as that suggests to me a game that is really bad and / or broken. Other critical reviews have said its more of the same but derivative and unexciting. Until I’ve played it for myself I won’t know which is closest to the truth.

-Foxtrot6d ago

Well least someone had the balls to do it

Same old formula
No massive improvement
Nothing which resembles Tomb Raider anymore
The ending dosen't give you the "become the TR" feel they were going on about
Graphics/animation looks worse then Rise of the Tomb Raider

Any other game would have been blasted for it, maybe not a 4 fair enough but not an 8/9/10 which others have been just handing out.

lelo2play5d ago

Played Shadow of the Tomb Raider... for me it's a 7/10 game, and that's what matters.

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tombfan6d ago

Edge being edge... With a 4 in Shadow, is nowhere near of a 4, the game runs great, looks great and have almost the same gameplay as before but with new puzzles and interesting tombs. Story is kind of Meh, but besides that it's NOT a 4.

showtimefolks6d ago

That’s true it’s just not a great game but it’s not a 4/10. But one thing is true this series is where it was before the reboot. Lost out of ideas and lack of identity

tombfan6d ago

I agree on that, there was no evolution in this one.

bigmalky5d ago

Is it an average game? Average should be rated between 4-6 on a logical scale.

Elda6d ago

SOTTR being a 4 is definitely a joke.

BenRC016d ago

Horizon 4 doesn't deserve a 9, once the first few hours are over it's just boring. Samey races for laughable prizes (tartan pyjamas...) All the showcase events are over after about 4hrs play, the scenery is all identical yawn.

showtimefolks6d ago

Forza main series and horizon both have been milked with too many enteries. Forza IP needs a long break. Next game should come out in 2021

blm5046d ago

Name 1 game besides God of War that's better than FH4 this year this game is so good I'm looking forward to how it will look and play on the Scarlet Da X is a beast

Rhythmattic6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

"Name 1 game besides God of War that's better than FH4 this year"
Thats a question?
Not sure if serious......
Not every ones into racing games...And as a Racing Game its one of the best, Best this year... But If you asking people to respond with a list of better games, no one will... With people having their own opinons, The list would be tooo loooong to even bother.

As for me ., ill stick to one as requested.
To Add, the years not even over. RDR2 I'm sure will be right up there.

Kribwalker5d ago

well we know they won’t be back next year, but the forza series has been by far the best racing series this gen, especially the horizon series. The new worlds they create and the different ways to play and extra modes they have added with each version show why it keeps getting fantastic reviews.

There’s a reason why the last version had over 10 million players (without it on gamepass to boot and the newest version had more then 2 million players in the first week. People enjoy the games because they are fantastic. I’d welcome a new horizon every other year no problem

Ausbo6d ago

Well pretty much every news outlet disagrees with you.

BenRC016d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Microsoft doesn't pay me and I've played it longer than a couple of days

stupidusername6d ago

So every news outlets get paid by companies to give good reviews, even if it’s never been confirmed anywhere that it happens? Don’t do crack man

Immorals6d ago

You're right, it deserves a 9.5. It has more variety in races than any other racer, the scenery is varied even before you consider that there's 4 seasons and there's tons to do.

blm5046d ago Show
Switch4One5d ago

According to you, why did Microsoft only pay for Horizon 4 reviews and not Sea of Thieves or State of Decay 2? Seems weird to not pay for the games that needed the boost more...

Anywho you are entitled to your opinion. I on the other hand think it deserves a 9.5

Kribwalker5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I’ve played almost 25hrs, have hardly even done races, been mostly doing speed zones, danger signs, forzathons, barn finds, stunt drivers and setting up my “worlds fastest rentals” business. I haven’t even unlocked drift zones or a tonne of other modes, or done online adventures, played infection, or many of the other modes that i have unlocked .
The amount of variety in the game is better then any racing game before it and i’d even say it’s better than most open world games. Someone claiming all the races etc are all samey hasn’t really actually played the game.

There’s way more to it then that.

BenRC015d ago

No there isn't. After a few hours I'd done all the showcases, seen all 4 seasons and won most cars worth owning. Worst area yet from Forza.
Enjoy racing for pyjamas.

Kribwalker5d ago

which showcases have you done at that point?

christocolus5d ago

Lmao. What? It must hurt to see FH4 get such an amazing score from Edge. Lmao

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gravedigger6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Wow, surprised by Shadow Of The Tomb Raider score, but Destiny Forsaken 9. :D

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