Valkyria Chronicles 4 does the impossible and makes war beautiful | Entertainium

"The draw to outsmart and outplay is one of the best things going for Valkyria Chronicles 4. Add to that its surprisingly captivating cast and story and you get one of the better war games to come out in a while, a suitable follow-up to the original Valkyria Chronicles." - Eduardo Reboucas, Entertainium

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ZeekQuattro8d ago

Even better than the orginal imo. It's easier to like side characters now as they are more fleshed out this time.

edureboucas8d ago

Agreed! I really liked how some of the secondary characters also had stories this time around, they aren't just random faces with names!

AK918d ago

So uh what about all the previous Valkyria Chronicles games? Yes I'm even including the PSP ones.

rainslacker8d ago

I think the series doesn't make war beautiful, it often takes the side of war being bad.

what it does well is make the stories of those who fight in that war meaningful and beautiful, and show the real faces behind the war, along with how it affects those people. Most good movies or media about war time tend to be good because of this kind of focus on the people themselves.

edureboucas8d ago

I like your take! Thanks for sharing!

rainslacker8d ago

I thinks shorter way to put it is that it doesn't glamorous war. That was the term I couldn't thinking last night. But it also has really beautiful interpersonal stories, and I understand they went deeper into a lot of the side characters this time.