BGS Hands-on - Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! / Let's Go, Eevee! (Switch) - Way Too Many Games

WTMG's Leo Faria: "Rather than being a step back from the classic Pokémon games, I came to find out that Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! act more as stepping stones for casual Pokémon Go players in order for them to get used to the series' mechanics before the inevitable arrival of the next generation of games. It's definitely not a deep game and it's even easier and more simplified than the more recent (and already simplified) Pokémon games, but that's fine. I'm not the target audience, and I can definitely see Go players migrating in huge numbers to this title and actually becoming mainstream Pokémon players further down the line."

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Jinger8d ago

Ugh, this franchise is beyond milked. Not sure how its remained popular.

TekoIie8d ago

Then don't buy it and it wait for a release in the main series. You're not forced to buy every Pokémon release so when you say something is milked maybe you just need a break from it.

execution178d ago

I'll probably be done with the series if they don't change up the battle system, since they practically used the same turn based combat for 20 years now

Nebaku8d ago

@execution17 You mean the entire thing that makes the game what it is?

I guess they should reinvent the rules of how football works each season right?

TekoIie8d ago


So then how do you translate that into something that'll please the competitive multiplayer community? If you want a spin-off series with a radically different gameplay style or additional battle styles in the mainline games (like making contest battles extremely different) then I'm absolutely on board with you. But in the main series the general battle mechanics (turn-based, 4 moves, weaknesses, items, IV's, EV's and natures) should remain the same.

execution177d ago

@Tekolie they can probably come up with something that's still turn based but real time at the same time, something similar to NiNoKuni 1's type of combat

ninsigma7d ago

I really want ni no kuni 1 style gameplay as well. The series is just screaming for it.

TekoIie7d ago


So i mention the most important mechanics that all go into playing competitively in Pokemon and you're resposne is "Just make it like Ni No Kuni". You mean the game with no competitive multiplayer at all? That would be a good way of killing your hardcore fanbase.

ninsigma7d ago

There's nothing stopping them doing a dedicated turn based multilayer mode. I just think for what pokemon is, the current way of playing the single player is way over due a big change. Would much prefer an explorable over world and more action in the combat and I think ni no kuni 1 is the perfect example for how pokemon could be done like that. Give me the sense of adventure and excitement of exploring the world instead of just following the path between towns and having to fight more actively than just taking turns. Any pokemon caught could be used in the multilayer but with the traditional turn based system and all balancing that goes with that. I just think at this point it's a wasted opportunity to not upgrade the game style.

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King_Noctis8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

One word: Fun. It is also a popular franchise and it has a huge fanbase who will buy the game whenever there is a new one.

At least the Pokemon games are not cashgrab like CoD or Fifa.

King_Noctis8d ago

It is not only me who say so. Millions of other people who buy every new iterations of Pokemon think the same way.

Nebaku8d ago

The irony of this comment coming from someone always talking about COD.

Jinger8d ago

Always talking about CoD? I haven't bought a CoD in 6 years

Nebaku7d ago

@Jinger The words "talk" and "buy" mean different things believe it or not.

MeteorPanda8d ago

tis what i feared...

ah well, skipping this. l still play pokemon rumble on the 3ds, l like that game way too much and wish they just re released that on the switch

DJK1NG_Gaming8d ago

"While the map layout and the graphics are pretty much identical to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon"
No. It similar to ORAS the same 1:1 mapping of original games blocky maps/

capjacksparrow7d ago

I'll wait for the mainline entry to get a Switch. I'll probably pick up Smash along with it.

michellelynn09767d ago

I am looking forward to it. It's not meant to be a mainline game, so if you don't want it, cool., just stick with what Pokemon games you do like and let people who want to enjoy this, enjoy it.