Darwin Project Has Reached 2 Million Inmates on Xbox One

By Simon Darveau, Creative Director, Scavengers Studio

"Hey Xbox players!

Ever since we launched Darwin Project on Xbox One via Xbox Game Preview, your support has been incredible. So much of your feedback has helped shape Darwin Project into what it is today, from Duo Mode to customization to new Tools, Powers, and Tiles―and this is just the beginning. Today, we’re proud to count two million of you in the Darwin Project Xbox community! To say that we are blown away by your enthusiasm would be an understatement. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for believing in Darwin Project at this early stage."

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Kribwalker99d ago

Impressive. I haven’t played it yet but my son has and he says it’s a lot of fun. Gonna have to check this out in between Forza Horizon 4 sessions, if i can pull myself away from that one

gangsta_red99d ago

Seems like a great healthy community going on for this game. May have to also jump in there and see what's going on.

Obscure_Observer99d ago

Xbox Game Preview is such an amazing program. To allow devs to release their games on Xbox One on such early stages is the right way to ensure long term good relationships.

Indie studios today. AAA studios tomorrow. :)

99d ago