PS3 System Update v 4.83 Sneaks Out Into the Wild

PS3 System Update v 3.83 Sneaks Out Into the Wild

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Bad Editing
It is update 4.83 not 3.83
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Community7d ago
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SilverDemon7d ago

Definitely to support the upcoming name Changing feature

OpenGL7d ago

Official PS3 firmware is on 4.82.

TerminalGamer7d ago

No it's not. 4.83 released last night

Cajun Chicken7d ago

Interesting. I haven't been in my PS3 for about a year now. I'm tempted to go back and play a few classics.

Vizigoth047d ago

I've tried to so I can complete Red Dead before 2 comes out.

ziggurcat7d ago

Man, I haven't used my PS3 since the launch of the PS4, apart from playing Dark Souls II when it originally released. I have to dust that thing off, and go back to eventually finish the myriad of games I have left on my backlog on that console.

rainslacker6d ago

I still have quite a back log on the PS3. I can't seem to get through my PS4 back log though. There are a few games I'd really like to get to on the PS3 though.

SonyStyled7d ago

I do all the time between my phys/digital games and 442 demos. Hard to get bored with so much to play

Atomicjuicer7d ago

I’ve a pro, a 1X and a switch and I still play my PS3 regularly cos it’s a savage machine!

On a slightly separate note, SCREW TWITCH FOR KILLING PS3 APP! I’ve an 8 year old iPad and the twitch app works on it. No excuses Twitch. Fix it

JackBNimble7d ago

My kids still play on our ps3.

Kados7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Anyone who actually cares about playing games, and not just eyecandy. There are tons of great games for the PS3 that i still have yet to get around to. I'm not going to perm ignore them just because something newer is available.

blackblades7d ago

I do occasionally you troll.

SolidGear37d ago

PlayStation 3 is all I have right now unfortunately.. But it's my all time favorite console so I'm not complaining. Once I have a real job and money I intend to get a 4K UHDTV and PlayStation 4 Pro 😁

dantesparda7d ago

"Eww. Who plays ps3 in 2018?"

Im with you, especially since the PS3 barely upscales or sucks at upscaling games, thereby making TV upscaled 720p games look blurry on a 1080p screen.

Profchaos7d ago

I occasionally do to play classics like red dead or spyro

Retroman6d ago

I do and LOVING IT!!!
for my taste ps3 gives me Variety as PS4 serves MP online gaming. I'm not into MP type games , there for my PS4 collect Dust while using my ps3 until ps5 E3 presentation reveal variety again.

playing platformer, shoot em ups and beat em ups games would be great again.

rainslacker6d ago

I have played a couple games on it this year. I'm overwhelmed on PS4 games for a while though.

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dantesparda7d ago

PS3 System Update v 3.83 Sneaks Out Into the Wild"

GTFO of here Sony with your bs updates, that dont do ish! except plug up holes. Give us features or gtfo.

AizenSosuke7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Updating older devices Thanks Sony