New Xbox Experience: Netflix and Video Marketplace

DirtyDiva from the Gamerscore Blog writes:

"We've all been there. You've just popped some popcorn, put on your flannel pants with the puppies on them (don't fake like you don't have them), wrapped yourself in a comfy blanket, and parked yourself on the couch. Remote in hand, and Dolby 7.1 ready to blast, you reach for the familiar red Netflix envelope sitting on the coffee table – only to discover that it's already open, and you've already watched the DVD! Your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/roommate/dog forgot to put it in the mail. Frustration sets in.

Relax - it's time to get comfy again and turn on your Xbox 360. On Nov. 19, all movies from your Netflix instant watch queue will be instantly accessible and playable on your Xbox 360. All Xbox LIVE Gold members with a Netflix subscription will be able to instantly watch more than 12,000 movies from the Netflix library at no extra charge."

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ActionBastard4280d ago

Shame Gold members need to pay an additional fee for the Netflix piece. There should have been some way to add it to the Gold membership, so all XBL subscribers could enjoy. For being the cheapest console on the market, it sure is expensive to own one.

JonahFalcon4279d ago

Did you honestly think you were getting FREE NETFLIX?

This is just functionality with Netflix, the same that's on the PC and also in some of the new Blu-Ray players.

JonahFalcon4279d ago

So this is icing for me. ;)