Dead Space: How the franchise remains relevant ten years since its release

Dead Space remains one of the most beloved horror games ever made. Now with its tenth anniversary here, let’s dive in and find out why.

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criticalkare6d ago

We will never see another dead space again... thanks EA

paintedgamer19846d ago

I wonder who owns the rights to Dead Space. I know the dev that made them (Visceral Studios) went belly up. Id love to see a next gen Dead Space. Those games were so much fun. The 1st 1 is prob my fav

mark_parch6d ago

I'm surprised Microsoft didn't buy visceral studios. No idea how much it would of cost but we know they can make amazing single player games. dead space is easily in my top 5 fav games of all time

Skull5216d ago

Probably my favorite game of that generation.

chris2356d ago

relevant? mkay. i don‘t think so. the world moved on since then.

bloop6d ago

Dead Space 1 & 2 are up there with the best games of last gen, and they're still extremely enjoyable to play through today. The first game is 10 years old and it's still coming up in stories every now and again here so it's obviously still relevant to a lot of people.

Cajun Chicken6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I generally don't like horror or horror games, but playing Dead Space a couple of years after release was a relevation. At the core it is a survival deep sci-fi game with a conspiracy strewn all across it, it's Alien crossed with The Thing. By the second game you begin to understand that you have no idea who to trust and who's in on Unitology and who isn't. The puzzles are nothing short of amazing using antigravity, kinesis and statis. The mechanic of strategic dismemberment didn't always work and by cutting off the wrong set of limbs you could actually make the Necromorphs faster and more agile and animal-like. Heck, even Extraction was a brilliant game and that was an on rails lightgun spinoff.

I am really sad the series ended where it did, because as a third person shooter, it was certainly something special and something even I don't believe EA will keep sitting in a vault forever. Because Dead Space VR? I think that's the terrifying and logical next move for this franchise.

Pickledpepper6d ago

Please no not vr.
I love dead space 1+2 it does not need gimmicks just leave the formula as it is, all it needs is a good story behind it New enemies (not the likes of dead space 3) if fact let's just pretend dead space 3 did not happen at all.

Skankinruby6d ago

I didn't see the big deal with this game, no disrespect just my opinion but another 'scary' game that did very little for me.

mark_parch6d ago

That's ok lol. Each to their own. It's a similar thing with me and resident evil 4. Admittedly I didn't play it till many years after release but I just didn't enjoy it.

Einhander19716d ago

Maybe you moved on, Deadspace is still relevant. But with EA no chance, the sheep will carry on buying FIFA. So quality titles get scrapped. Dante’s inferno was another gem that EA decided to axe.

ThatDudeMunkee6d ago

Dante's Inferno deserved another chance. EA just doesn't understand the value of singleplayer games. Look at AC: Odyssey from Ubisoft. It's literally their fastest selling title in the franchise and it's a singleplayer title with optional MTX's. I love what I've played of it this far and still have a lot left to do.

EA just wants the fast money at this point. It was very evident with how they made DS3.

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