Why We Need to Give BioWare and Anthem the Benefit of Doubt

BioWare- one of the most successful studios in the video game industry with a track-record that speaks for itself. Almost 9 out of 10 games the Canadian studio has developed have been received well, and these include the likes of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age trilogies

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Chaosdreams9d ago

Why we need to give them the benefit of the doubt? We don't need to do anything. It's up to them to prove themselves capable.

Neonridr9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

yep, they need to earn it, not rely on their name or past projects.

UltraNova8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

What does that even mean? Should we buy Anthem and then decide if we like it? Is that it? Hell no! They earned our suspicions and worries by letting a beloved IP get ruined and then abandoning it to its ultimate fate - death. (Sean Murray: Bioware, look at me now).

Anthem deserves what every other game does, a fair review process on its merits and if the game is complete and respectful of ots customers then yeah people should buy it, if its their cup of tea; but until then Bioware is no Rockstar nor Naughty Dog and they deserve no slack.

Neonridr8d ago

@UltraNova - I simply mean they can't just go off their names alone. Maybe if it was like Naughty Dog or someone we would have faith in the project. I am not saying we can't be excited for a game, but just that we can't assume anything.

RememberThe3578d ago

Yeah seems to me it's cool to feel any kind of way about this game. They dropped the ball with Andromeda and moved on to an MMO no one seemed to be asking for, but they also have a great history as a studio so I can't blame anyone for being excited for Anthem. I have yet to see anything compelling but I'm also a Warframe player and this is kinda a reskin of that game and that game is free. I'll be interested to see if they monetize and how that'll work. As of now RDR2 is basically all I can see.

UltraNova7d ago


Sorry dude my comment was directed to the author not you, I should have quoted him more clearly.

Neonridr7d ago

@UltraNova - ahh I see, sorry about that then. No worries :)

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brown_cookie9d ago

Agreed but the amount of hate they are getting is a bit too much

PhantomS428d ago

Not really seeing as they haven't released a massive hit since Dragon Age Origins/Mass Effect 2. Every game after that has been sub-par for the quality is known for each game becoming less and less a Bioware RPG and more of a hallow EA/Bioware shell. I want Anthem to be good but after that E3 presentation, I'll wait for it to be used to check it out.

Godmars2908d ago

Hate? More like concern that's they're going to exploit us. Give us something that's buggy and/or uninteresting, that relies on fan fervor, while making more than the purchasing price of the game.

rainslacker8d ago

The gaming community is very much a "what have you done for me lately" kind of community. Its easy enough for even the best and most popular to fall out of our good graces, only to have it lorded over them for eternity.

That being said, there is much about the current Bioware that isn't like the old Bioware, and after ME:A, it's easy enough for people to be concerned without being told we should just trust them. If ND came out with a bad game, I wouldn't be so trusting their next project was going to be great. I'd have a more wait and see mentality.

Couple that with the game itself being a departure from the kinds of games that in the past made them successful, and I see no reason to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Not to say that one should be overly critical without knowing enough to base that on, but being cautious about getting excited over something can lead to less disappointment in the future.

gangsta_red9d ago

I'm definitely excited to try Anthem. From what I have seen it looks really good.

9d ago
Godmars2908d ago

It looks like every other shooter.

annoyedgamer9d ago

By Bioware you mean EA right?

StifflerK9d ago

The Bioware of today is not the same team that made all those great games.
After the mess that was ME: Andromeda and with EA's constant monetisation schemes - gamers are right to be cautious.

nyu18d ago

ME:A was not made by the same studio. It was another, newer Bioware studio.

bigmalky8d ago

Who are now part of the Anthem team...

Magnus9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

"And yet all it took was one game, i.e. Mass Effect Andromeda to unleash the fury of the fans and give BioWare a bad name. " I don't blame Bioware for ME Andromeda I blame EA for rushing the game out the door and for it being buggy EA was the one who got Bioware the bad name not themselves. Bioware has to do what EA says and what EA wants EA's way or the hiway. Honestly I want Anthem to do well and put Bioware back on the map even if EA spins their webs and loads the games with microtransactions. I honestly have a feeling if Anthem flops I think EA might close the doors on Bioware for good like the other studios EA has managed to buy out.

dolfa8d ago

Andromeda and all the Dragon age sequels are garbage.

PhantomS428d ago

Not to mention Mass Effect 3 already leaving a sour taste in gamers mouth. It certainly wasn't "one game".

dolfa8d ago

ME3 was basically copy of ME2 but with continuing story. This was OK. The one thing that really disappointed me is that you couldn't make the ending choices which where multiplied by your team members instead you got color endings. So ME3 was a step back in terms of ''decisions count gameplay element'' which was one of the main selling points of ME series.

ravinash8d ago

It was the last in a pattern of declining games.
We are yet to see if they can start turning it round.

rainslacker8d ago

There were issues with ME:A that went beyond just EA rushing it out the door.

Namely the story. Bioware is pretty much known for their expansive stories delivered in a mostly fully fleshed out universe. When they make a game, in a well respected and loved franchise, and fail on a key part of what made it well respected and loved in the first place, I find it hard to blame the publisher for something that would have come into existence long before a rushed release became imminent.

Despite all of EA's handy work to bring devs down over the years, I don't think I saw anything of their influence in the story of ME:A, or it's presentation. Everything that was there seemed to be a direction that Bioware was kind of going anyways. The difference being that the story wasn't strong enough to carry it through the forcefully included SJW matter, or the cringe worthy dialogue and interactions that existed outside the game proper....things that got glossed over due to the overall good story that existed in the original trilogy.

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