Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Day One Update Has Multiple Files Needed for Download for Consoles

Multiple users who have obtained early Black Ops 4 copies have now revealed that there are multiple Black Ops 4 day one update files!

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AizenSosuke12d ago

Ouch: B04 will "kill" 500GB PS4 users if true

Neonridr12d ago

indeed.. once you factor in useable space this clocks in at almost 1/4 of the hard drive.

81BX11d ago

Who uses their ps4 a lot and only has 500 gigs still? I only have 500 gigs but it's not my primary.

JackBNimble11d ago

I do, I just don't have all my games installed.

81BX10d ago

That's crazy to me. I'm not a fan of waiting for installs though. I like to have everything downloaded

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ninerguy160812d ago

Have a pro but Blackout was so fun,especially with my old Socom friends. It could take up most or all of my hd and I’d be fine. Lol. It’s all I’m gonna play for awhile. I’m 43 and been playing games since I was six. First time I’ve gotten excited playing a game,well oddly enough since red dead redemption. I’ll get red dead and assassins creed odyssey for Christmas. Wife knows Friday my headset isn’t coming off lol.

franwex12d ago

Enjoy bro. Im 31. I haven’t been excited about a new release since Final Fantasy 15. I pre ordered red dead 2, but the hype has not hit me yet. I wished I was hyped for something.

Sciurus_vulgaris12d ago

How is this MP only game so big ?

kevnb12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

It’s only 54 gb, not bad for multiplayer, zombie mode and battle royale. Honestly the campaigns wouldn’t have had nearly as many assets as the other modes in previous entries. Why do some people on this forum feel that multiplayer games have less to them when in reality they tend to have much more?

neocores805511d ago

^ dude stop saying its only 54gigs its not its 54 to install then updates are another 55GIGS lol idiot

Razmiran12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Its pretty common nowadays