The Nintendo Switch Online NES Collection is boring

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

While most gamers rave over the Nintendo Switch Online NES collection, one writer just doesn't see the appeal.

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PhoenixUp8d ago

Most NES games provide basic experiences

I’d rather get free Switch games monthly

bouzebbal7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

even in the 90s i wasn't fan of NES console.
i had a 16bit console and NES games really looked and played aweful.
i wouldnt play a NES game today. 16bits games on the other hand sometimes exceed the quality and fun factor of most games nowadays

Neonridr7d ago

@bouzebbal - I have to think we will see SNES games on the online service some day. Would be awesome to have some of the classic SNES games with online multiplayer :D

milkshake27d ago

Yeah. Even if they offered stinkers like 1,2 Switch i'd gladly accept it.

paintedgamer19847d ago

Yes, any switch games every month or... it doesnt even have to be a switch game. A free current gen indie game would be better than nes games.

SuperSonic916d ago

Thiz is Greedtendo you are talking about. Not gonna happen.

paintedgamer19847d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Exactly, id love for Nintendo to adopt the others online services by giving 1 switch game and 1 indie game every month. Nes games are fine and all but i doubt theres a large group of people paying 20$ a year to play these games when its mostly people paying to play online.

Id gladly pay 60$ a year if it came with 1 switch and 1 indie game every month

Teflon027d ago

Ive said this from the jump. Nes is good for its time. It didn't age well like SNES. Also didn't have a powerful lineup that can warrant this. Nothing on Nintendo is a must have that isn't already easily accessible. If SNES games like turtles in time, dkc 1-3, Mario world. Battle toads s double dragon etc. It would make sense but not nes games. N64 games would have been perfect since they're all pretty big on multiplayer

paintedgamer19847d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Believe it or not... most the 1st partys we are still playing to this day on Nintendo came from the snes and n64 gen. Nes had its exclusives like mario zelda and metroid and gamecube perfected mario zelda and metroid. I even remember playing smash bros for the 1st time on the n64... its crazy how long ago that was. And also remember playing mario kart for the 1st time on the snes. Such nostagia in Nintendo as it was my 1st console with so many memories.

Teflon027d ago

Exactly. All the iconic games are on SNES and N64. I started on Nintendo and my father gave me his snes at like 3 and never went back to nes. SNES has iconic games and they all aged amazingly. N64 had the best Multiplayer Experience and most games controlled great. I don't think Nintendo realizes this though :'(

blawren47d ago

Hopefully it will continue to grow. As it stands, I've not played most of these games provided. They are fun for a short time, but only if I am basically desperate. As you say, they haven't aged very well. They really should have modernized the controls to support more than two buttons. Hitting two buttons to jump in the two beatem ups is kind of strange when we have 4-6 other buttons we could use that aren't being used.

SuperSonic916d ago (Edited 6d ago )

For Nintendo its loyal fans only deserve NES games or in terms of money ...just pennies.
SNES games are too much of a loss in sales for Nintendo to give away.

That is how greedy Greedtendo is.
Mean while at PS Plus Sony thinks PlayStation gamers deserve current gen games even AAA games at that.

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howiewowwee7d ago

mario,zelda,dk,,umm mario zelda dk,,,err,, mario, zelda,dk,,,ZZzzzzzzzz...yup mario,zelda,dk,,,

milkshake27d ago (Edited 7d ago )

NES games have not aged that well. Nostalgia? What nostalgia? All i remember is that I was so frustated with some of those games, they were unfairly difficult.

locomorales7d ago

Nostalgia on NES is a really interisting case where most of people developed feelings about a console that they didn't have.

InTheZoneAC7d ago

Legend of Zelda, TMNT, TMNT Arcade, Xevious, Joust, Jackal, Marble Madness (made by Mark Cerny himself), Contra, Super Contra, Mario, Mario 3, Chip n Dale, Duck Tales, Duck Hunt, Double Dragon, Dr. Mario, Paper Boy, Super Dodgeball, Tennis, Mario Golf...I can still play all of these today with no complaints.

paintedgamer19847d ago

Id add metroid, q bert... dr mario is so amazing! Still to this day.

rainslacker7d ago

Blades of Steel is still one of the best Hockey games ever made.:)

rainslacker7d ago

I think whether it aged will or not is dependent on the game. A lot of games were unfairly difficult, and that's because they were trying to extend the game time.

But more than being difficult, many of them actually required that you learn how to play well, and learn sections of the game to actually get past them. Many games nowadays don't really require that you know how to play well, and button mashing can get you through most of them, and most quite literally have little arrows telling you where to go, or "hints" telling you how to overcome something. Some obvious exceptions exists, but overall, games have become too easy nowadays, so if that's what you're used to, then playing these old games would feel frustrating....which they could be at times back then too.

blawren47d ago

I had an NES, sure there is nostalgia, but I also didn't have a majority of these games on it. What I really want is the SNES, because I went straight from NES to Genesis and never had a SNES. I played a few on virtual console before, but most I haven't tried.

Hopefully what they are trying to do is keep growing the library as a sort of gaming history lesson working its way up to more current gen. What I would prefer them do is to pick some from each gen and add those so there is a sample of games. I just wonder how long it will take to get past NES. Could be a very long time.

milkshake27d ago

I hope so. I just can't get into NES games anymore. SNES games on the other hand, I'm all for it.

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