Will the Death Stranding Bubble Burst?

Sometimes, there are games where it can feel like a project is being hyped beyond its means. There is nothing substantial to merit the popularity, but some element has caused fanaticism. No Man’s Sky is one such game, a title that did not start to even make good on some of its most important promises until nearly two years after its launch. Now, it looks like Death Stranding is shaping up to be another.

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Community8d ago
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windblowsagain8d ago

What Bubble. Stupid name for a game. Most likely a overrated game like MGS.

salmonade8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Most likely you've got no idea what you're even talking about. No one really knows much about the game or it's mechanics. How about we all reserve judgement until we know a lot more about it. MGS was not 'AN' overrated game.

CorndogBurglar8d ago

I think that's kind of the whole point. There are a lot of people that are NOT reserving judgement until we know more. Rather, this game is already being praised as the second coming of video game Jesus simply because Kojima is making it.

And no, MGS was not overrated lol. I don't know what that guy was talking about.

Mulando8d ago

It was, but that's just my opinion. So far, no hyped kojima game was fun to play. But that might just be my taste.
But the real problem is, that far to many fanboy reviews are out there for Nintendo, Sony or MS and kojima titles.

salmonade8d ago

@ Corndog, when you've got runs on the board, everyone can get excited. Just like Naughty Dog or another popular developer with a proven track record.

AnubisG8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I say, at this point it's overhyped, not overrated. Why? Because we have seen so much of the game yet, as you said, we have no clue what the hell it is. To me it looks like Kojima's meds rolled away and he can't find them....

CorndogBurglar8d ago

There's nothing wrong with being excited that one of your favorite devs is making a new game.

But as soon as the very first teaser trailer was released tons of people instantly started praising this as the greatest game of all time lol.

Basically, my comment was in total aggreeance with yours. People should reserve judgement until we know more. But that goes both ways. Obviously you shouldn't be hating on games when we know next to nothing, but in the other direction, doing the opposite and praising the hell out of a game before anything is known is how games get overhyped to the point that nothing can ever live up to it.

Araragifeels 8d ago

MGSV was overrated rather the only overrated MGS gmae since it empty world with repetitive side missions and with bad boss fight, Ocelot was not acting like Ocelot, main story was lacking.

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ravinash8d ago

I get the impression that wind would prefer a title that nicely explains what the plot is so he does not have to think for him self.

rainslacker8d ago

Kind of hard to say without knowing more about the game.

PEEPer8d ago

Probably Destiny, Anthem or other generic one-word title.

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doggo848d ago

Hahaha now MGS is overrated, ok :D

rainslacker8d ago

I don't think the author understands how some devs can bring their own hype. Much of the hype comes from the mystery, and an appearance of kojjma coming back to form.away from the mgs series.

The bubble isn't likely to burst until the game releases, and that's only if it sucks. Something that's hard to expect given that Sony put their backing behind it they way they have.

alb18998d ago

I'm not in your train. I think and hope this one is good.

RememberThe3578d ago

So much hyperbole nowadays. We like a trailer so we're fanboys. We like too many trailers then there's some bubble that's going to burst. When did the bubble burst on God of War or Spider-Man? Did it burst for Horizon? Where is this idea of a hype bubble even coming from?

rainslacker7d ago


Some people aren't interested in some things, and because they're not interested, they feel that the hype around something isn't justified. Usually these kinds of sentiments don't try to understand the hype, but just assume that everyone should feel the same way they do personally.

As such, if they don't care for it much, they think anyone who is excited for something is just a fan boy, or unjustly hyped off of nothing, because they haven't taken the time to understands people's reasons for their own personal hype.

I can think of several games that I'm hyped for, that would barely get any attention in the media or the comments sections. Doesn't mean that it's a bubble waiting to be popped. It just means I have different things I get excited for.

A new Ys game for instance. One of my favorite series. One that has a diehard following from back in the TG-16 days in the west. One that has gained popularity due to the great remakes of the games, along with the really good sequels that have also come out over many years. It gets some attention, and a lot of people do express how they're excited for the game. It's not a bubble of hype, it's merely a group of people who are excited because it's something they care about.

Nu8d ago

Death Stranding from what I've gathered
is about death and being stuck in an unending state of purgatory. Even if one died their reborn and also pregnant. Just like silent hills father that killed his family.

SolidGamerX7d ago

Most likely you don't own a console the game has to be played on.

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I_am_Batman8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

This is just how Kojima does it. To understand why people are hyped about these trailers and why his fans are willing to search for the smallest hints in them you need to first understand Hideo Kojima's legacy. He likes to give his dedicated fans some tidbits but he also like to use them as a red herring. When asked by Jordan Vogt-Roberts for advice how he should go about making the MGS movie Kojima said: "Do the same thing as me, betray your audience.".

Moby dick studios, P.T. as a Silent Hills announcement, The tanker mission demo in MGS 2 and the reveal that you play as Raiden for most of the game are some examples. You may not like it but his fans love it.

All of this wouldn't matter if his games wouldn't turn out to be great but looking at his track record it's absolutely absurd to compare this to the No Man's Sky situation.

From the article:
"I mean, after the 2018 Tokyo Game Show, there were news stories about Death Stranding’s release date not changing, even though the game does not have a release date. Let me repeat that. It was considered news that Kojima said the release date for the game, a game that has not yet been given a release year, let alone specific date, has not changed. That people were making a big deal over something so trivial was crazy."

The game has an internal release date:
And Kojima has given a more vague release window to the public in saying it's coming out before the 2020 Olympics and before the date the movie Akira is set in (2019). Meaning the game release window was announced as 2018-2019 early on.

Solesquared8d ago

I think it will flop... Wont be anything like they expect

Dark-soul8d ago

and i think to my taste it will be better then any other game kojima made

Mulando8d ago

there are far to many kojima fans out there. It won't flop even if it got really low score reviews.

Inzo8d ago

"Wont be anything like they expect"

Im counting on it.

ravinash8d ago

Considering no one know what to expect, saying "Wont be anything like they expect" is a hollow statement.

rainslacker8d ago

Expect the unexpected....Then it'll only be disappointing if younger something you expect. As of now, I won't even begin to assume what this game is about, or how the game play fits into everything. I know kojjma can deliver both.

notachance8d ago

most people literally don't know what to expect from this game

and that's a good sign

8d ago
sampsonon8d ago

another hopeful _ _ _ _ fan hoping for a sony loss. lol

rainslacker8d ago

A kojjma game. Instant hype from the reveal. A marketing budget from sony.

Yep, that seems like a recipe for flop.

rebeljoe148d ago

Care to wager your life savings on that bet?

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