Bethesda Can't Get Away with Jank Anymore; Fallout 76 Needs Polish

Alex G writes "With Fallout 76, Bethesda doesn't seem to have taken any cues about the series need to improve its graphical engine."

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FTLmaster224d ago

I kinda think it's a part of their games' charm, honestly.

Sciurus_vulgaris224d ago

Other companies can make high fidelity generally polished open world games, why can’t Bethesda?

DarXyde224d ago

It's a bit strange to me when people hold developers to the same standards as others. Not everyone can squeeze the most out of a platform like Naughty Dog or deliver a crazy open world experience like CDPR, R*, and now Guerrilla Games. They are exceptionally great studios.
Honestly, I've always questioned Bethesda's ability to really deliver on visual fidelity or performance. Their games are notoriously buggy.

So to answer the question of "why can't Bethesda"..... the answer is because it's Bethesda.

I'm not saying it CAN'T be done, but again, they're not really known for that.

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JackBNimble223d ago

They should be held to the same standards as every other AAA developer, and if they can't maintain that standard then maybe the price of their games should reflect that.

GamerFrank85223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Lazy development. They have been like that since day one. It won't change. People praise them. I don't know why. Their games are a buggy utter mess.

slasaru01223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

It's same as Telltale games. You have mostly static environment. The games should be unbelievably strong with graphics and performance but nooooo, graphics makes you recollect the PS2 days!

rainslacker223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Because they know its not really necessary, and spend more money on marketing, instead of allocating those resources to getting things like that done internally before the release of the game.

it's not that they can't, it's that they don't care to.

If people didn't buy their games at release because they tended to be buggy, and don't offer up the visual standards that are set by others, and are often years behind in that regard, then they'd allocate resources to such a thing. But marketing can easily overcome many thing, and despite those problems with their games, they do tend to be fun, and they have some popular franchises.

BongSmack223d ago

Bethesda has never been at the high end graphically. If great graphics are what your looking for. Look elsewhere. If a great game with a palpable atmosphere and fun gameplay are what your looking for, you will probably love their games.

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Hungryalpaca224d ago

Unoptimized, Buggy, poorly animated, jank is part of the charm?

Ninver224d ago


Seems you've become accustomed to turd. As for many of us we've been exposed to AAA open world titles the likes Horizon etc. Anything less is laughable unless it's an indie game.

UltraNova224d ago

Cell shading IS charming, visual fidelity, animations like its 2006 all over again and bugs galore on the hand ARE not.

Even personal preference has a limit guys...we need to get with the program at some point.

Seraphim223d ago

well it is part of Bethesda history. Charm is not.
I can't think of a single game they've released that wasn't a buggy mess at least to begin with. In my recollection animations have never been their strongest suite either. However back when Oblivion released it was a sight to behold as was, I believe, Skyrim. Like others have said. Perhaps it's simply this outdated engine. But you'd think even then that they'd still be able to polish a turd enough to make the game look good. Whatever the case may be it seems Bethesada better get the hint and make changes because even the loyalist of fans will lose faith and interest at some point.

I've never really been interested in Fallout after playing 3 for about 35-60 hours. A friend has told me a million times how much better FO4 was but I just never had the desire or time to get around to it. However I was looking forward to 76 but with everything surrounding it.... With it's release so close it certainly can't be in Alpha like some idiots at IGN said in a video. Hopefully they're able to work the final touches in by launch and release a great game that looks good. That seems highly unlikely though but I guess we'll see.

ElementX223d ago

I think occasional graphical/physics glitches can be fun. NPCs that float away when you talk to them should be celebrated. Game breaking glitches, not so much.

No Way223d ago

Ninver - If you compare all games to Horizon, then you must not enjoy a lot of games..

rainslacker223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

I think their games thrive on the story aspects, although I personally sometimes wonder about that, coupled with game play which is pretty solid. Buggy sure, but a lot of people appreciate what it is those games do well, and often overlook, or at least live with the things that bring it down.

I'm sure if we looked beyond Bethesda, we could find other games which get the same treatment by fans.

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Army_of_Darkness224d ago

@ftlmaster. This is why they continue to give us buggy, bad performing games. It's because of people like you that keep purchasing and defending their bullshit... Why spend time and resources to resolve issues when customers will still purchase the product regardless ??

ChristopherJack223d ago

People buy their games because they enjoy them, maybe you've heard of Skyrim & Fallout 4? It's impossible for all developers to reach the same amount of polish when their games are so mechanically, technically, visually and practically different. It's easy to say they should do X because Y but it doesn't work with that, they have different resources, budgets, ideals and so many other underlying factors that no 2 developers should be held to the same standards.

It would be nice if my games were bug & glitch free, & frankly I've never come across any game-killing issues in any of their games, but even so, I'm prepared to live with clothes clipping through armour on occasion because as a package, I determined the overall product was worth the insignificant inconvenience and the known potential for worst.

rainslacker223d ago

I'm not a huge Bethesda fan. I don't run out and buy their games day one, or really get that hyped up over their every big release. I enjoy elder scrolls though despite all the bugs and outdated presentations.

Because I enjoy their games, I will buy them eventually, and probably enjoy them. Im' not into fallout because of the setting, but if i were into that kind of thing, I'm sure I'd enjoy it.

If I enjoy something, is it wrong to want to spend money on it?

I don't excuse the shortcomings of the games, and can easily criticize what those games do wrong, but I don't typically go so far as to blame the customer for spending money on a game they enjoy, as if what they do is something outright terrible. Their games aren't up to the standards of some other developers, but when I buy one of their games, I am buying that with the full knowledge that they aren't up there with Naughty Dog, R*, or any other developer in the upper echelon.

OhReginald224d ago

"Part of their charm". O_O.

You need help.

Exvalos224d ago

It's people like you that are the reason fallout and elder scrolls suffer the same mechanical problems they been suffering for 20 years

neutralgamer1992224d ago


No its gamers like you who think it is and reviewers who are too scared to call out Bethesda

In today's age where huge open world games come polished why can't Bethesda do that

So tired of hearing that echuse on how all the bugs and glitches and a 15 year old game engine is theor charm

Reviewers/gamers should hold all publishers and developers to the same standard instead of defending their favorite developers even if they are wrong

Armaggedon223d ago

Cant hold all the developers to the same standards when there games are different. People here are comparing Bethesda to Naughty dog.... Naughty dog, the studio that makes linear story driven games. Which studios games are better is subjective; however, which studios games are larger in scale is not. People underestimate Bethesda.

neutralgamer1992223d ago

Larger doesn't mean better though. What about CD project red who make huge open world games why can't we compare them to Bethesda and we have conclusive evidence to which is better

Armaggedon223d ago

Yes you can compare the Witcher to Bethesda games. However, you are wrong about something: There is no conclusive evidence as to which game is better. I like Bethesda games better than the Witcher, but Its not my place to say which is better. People have a habit of picking their favorite games and sayng they are objectively better than another, just because said game has something that appeals to them more. The Witcher has superior qualities to Bethesda games, but dont think for a second that the opposite is not also true. I have friends that think that the Witcher 3 is garbage, and I have to debate with them that it is not garbage. One friend did not even make it out of Geralts dream. He looked out of the window behind Yennefer in Kaer Moern, and then said "This game is ass". Turned it off and never played it again. I kid you not. He enjoyed Fallout though. It all depends on what a person is looking for in a game, dont forget that.

rainslacker223d ago

One can easily analyze technical implementations and compare those two games. Or other games that fall into similar categories. The Witcher in many places excels far beyond what Bethesda has delivered. This isn't an opinion based thing, it's a matter of technical analysis on what is an improvement over something.

There are subjective matters which are less clear cut. That comes from the story, fun factor, overall feelings on how the game play combines to form a "good" game, etc. But most of the criticisms revolving around Bethesda games are purely technical in nature....frame rates, quality of graphics, game breaking bugs, animations, etc. Those are all quantifiable outside the realm of the subjective.

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Blank224d ago

No free passes allowed here Bethesda is not a start up indie company. They are intelligent with data and the talent of devs to drive them. The thing is Bethesda wants to put it out there ASAP they have a somewhat reasonable launch date any delays will screw them due to the upcoming major games coming up this season. They delay now might as well wait for next year but guess what??? The shareholders come first plus the luxury of patches they will push so ultimately don't excuse them the charm doesn't come first.

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TheRealTedCruz223d ago

You'll love this game called Ride to Hell then.
Really though, don't excuse developer laziness for "charm". This isn't some small studio that managed to push out a AAA-esque experience with some flaws.
This is one of the biggest, most funded developers on the planet, with giant development windows.

TomatoDragon223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

No it’s not. Bethesda has long outgrown its “getting a pass” phase.

rainslacker223d ago

Generally, companies that get a free pass, tend to never outgrow that phase, as too many tend to keep giving passes, particularly in the media which influences the course of discussion among the community which will actually make a fuss about it, and has more influence over the average consumer who doesn't discuss this thing too much, if at all.

If they see a Bethesda game,they aren't often thinking about how it's Bethesda, and their other games are buggy. They remember liking ES or FO or whatever. Then they see the high reviews that barely touch on, or don't say at all the flaws that exist, so they are fine buying it again.

william_cade223d ago

It may be a charming turd, but it's still a turd.

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Larrysweet224d ago

Yes they can 60mill morons will buy it

Cueil223d ago

And they will love it because it is fun

danoman64223d ago

Their fans have very very low standards.

rainslacker223d ago

I have high standards. I just have low expectations for Bethesda games. At least their biggest IP's. Some of their less popular games aren't always bad.

I tend to have fun with their games despite their flaws. I don't get excited for them, but I'll play them eventually.

Jon_Targaryen224d ago

Bethesda isnotorjous for broken and ugly games.. This isnt news to me...

Sciurus_vulgaris224d ago

Bethesda is notorious for jank, bugs,etc. in their games. Outside of Doom (2016), Wolfenstein 2 and very likely Rage 2, Bethesda games have subpar visual fidelity and often questionable optimization.

SegaGamer224d ago

And they are never marked down for it. For some reason reviewers let them off, something they wouldn't do for other publishers.

Armaggedon223d ago

That is because the reviewers likely factor in the Herculean task it is to make games as dense as theres. Its a miracle they get these games to hold together at all.

rainslacker223d ago


That doesn't explain why other games which can be just as dense don't get the same consideration. Some games get torn apart over minuscule problems, but Bethesda games often barely have them mentioned in reviews, or they're written off as not a big deal.

While this is a generalization, it's pretty obvious that Bethesda gets what is known as a free pass by many. people buy their games because they're familiar with the franchises. If you notice, the games that don't have the Fallout and Elder Scrolls name in them, they spend more time polishing the games. Bethesda knows that these games will sell, and that the media will overlook these problems, so they have no real incentive to change things. The only reason they might is if they just feel like doing it on their own, but they seem like they want to spend more on marketing to sell more, than on the resources to actually make a better game.

bigmalky224d ago

The Evil Within games too, those look and play great.

But yeah, TES and Fallout need to start stepping up.

riibhu223d ago

Bethesda has developed only two games since 2011. Skyrim and fallout 4. The rest are only published by them. That is why you don't see the same level of bugs in these "other" Bethesda titles. They try to fool gamers by publishing some very good games here and there but let's not forget here that their games have always been unoptimized mess with sub-par graphics. One would expect them to have updated their graphics engine by now but nope Bethesda is quite happy in their own la la land.

The7Reaper224d ago

I'm so glad we live in a timeline now where Bethesda isn't proclaimed Gods for releasing something and people actually call them out when something is lackluster.