Media Create Sales: Super Mario Party opens at 142,868 retail sales (10/1/18 – 10/7/18)

Super Mario Party for Switch was the top selling new release in Japan last week with 142,868 opening retail sales, the latest Media Create sales figures reveal.

Also new last week, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for PlayStation 4 opened at 45,166 retail sales, and Mega Man 11 sold 14,650 copies on Switch and 12,052 on PlayStation 4 for a total of 26,702 opening retail sales.

On the hardware side, Switch sold 45,762 units, the PlayStation 4 family sold 14,065 units, and the 3DS family sold 7,396 units.

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Geobros12d ago

Great numbers for Super Mario Party. I hope to continue like this, it is a great game!

Kratos_Kart200712d ago

Party will always sell....My son plays the **** out of those

Eonjay12d ago

PS4 is low. But that is to be expected. It goes on sale today in japan.

Neonridr12d ago

it's been low for months.. When do we stop with the excuses?

Eonjay12d ago

I suppose you don't actually read gaming news. The PS4 has been trending around 15k/week for the last few months. They announced last week that on 10/10 the pro would get a permanent price cut. Therefore sales this week were lower than the established 15k base (but not by much and the discrepancy can be seen coming directly out of Pro sales). Expect next weeks numbers to be up (duh) and then lets see if the lower price creates a higher baseline, or if its more in line with the 15k we are used to. This is an observation. Not everything is about the console war you lost.

King_Noctis12d ago

To be honest, even if it get a big price cut it still won’t outsell the Switch in Japan.

Eonjay12d ago


No one in their right mind is expecting that. Plus PS4 is like 5 years old. Its about time they are starting to do pricecuts.

Neonridr12d ago

@Eonjay - "Not everything is about the console war you lost" Wow.. didn't know I had stock in any one company. To think I own both systems too. Apparently I lost something though, lol.

I am merely pointing out that the PS4 has been low for a long time, sure this week is a little lower.. but it's not like the Pro does more than 4 thousand a week anyways. I guess we will see if the price cut does anything to overall sales or not.

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Neonridr12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Rockman 11 Fate of Fate! .... man I love translated titles, lol

Fantastic debut for Mario Party, that game will do well in Japan.

Lime12312d ago

Six PS4 games in Top 8.

Next week we will see by how much price cut boosted PS4 Pro sales.

Call of Duty release also next week.

Neonridr12d ago

love how you had to say top 8 to try to sell your point since you knew the next 8 games on the list were Switch titles.

All the PS4 games were outsold by 1 Switch game. And Mega Man 11 sold better on Switch than PS4. Remember last week when you were claiming that 3rd party games sell better on PS4 than on Switch? Clearly that's not always the case now is it?

The Pro was outsold by the Vita, that goes to show you how important it is to Japanese gamers.

Call of Duty will do well though, I agree there..

Lime12312d ago

Megaman Switch outsold PS4 version by 2k, FIFA and Warriors Orochi 4 for PS4 outsold Switch version by 4 to 1.

Spider-Man close to 300k. Including digital it could reach 500k in the end.

Neonridr12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

@Lime123 - Warriors Orochi was 3:1, Fifa was less than 3:1. At least do your research before you try to prove some point.

Splatoon 2 at 2.6 million, well over 3 with digital sales. Your point?

Lime12312d ago

01./00. [PS4] Warriors Orochi 4 - 100.831
04./00. [NSW] Warriors Orochi 4 - 23.660

03./00. [PS4] FIFA 19 - 57.772
08./00. [NSW] FIFA 19 - 16.200


Neonridr12d ago

@Lime - ahh my apologies, I was referring to the week. You are right though, now looking at total sales. I do feel sheepish there, lol.

SierraGuy11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Since when did Japan matter?

Don't you see all these "Mario" games aimed at North America?

F#ck you people have nothing better to do?

Go find yourself a girl then you won't worry so much about "game sales".

And btw Switch lifetime sales will never surpass 60 million...that's being extremely generous.

Their sales have sputtered since breaking 20 million.

Not even Mario can help that.

Neonridr11d ago

@SierraGuy - since when did Japan not matter? Monster Hunter sold almost 3 million copies on PS4 in Japan. 3DS has sold over 25 million units there. Nintendo games consistently sell into the millions.

I love how they don't matter because Nintendo just simply crushes Sony over there. This is one country vs NA and Europe which are entire regions, and yet look at how much sales they do. almost 10% of PS4 sales are in Japan alone. 25% of Switch sales are in Japan alone.

Yeah, they matter.

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King_Noctis12d ago

And now your life is complete, Lime.

Kribwalker12d ago

and yet switch sales more than tripled those of the ps4 and ps4 pro combined. Crazy how that works

Lime12312d ago

Xbox One finally reached 100k, only 70 times less than PS4

Sgt_Slaughter12d ago

Part of me is happy SMP is selling well because the franchise is one of my favorites, the other part of me is worried because the game isn't very good and the last time a Mario Party game was bad (Mario Party 9) it somehow sold over 10M and Mario Party 10 replicated the playstyle.

Super Mario Party would be a great game after a few updates if they made the right decisions, but right now it's hollow and lackluster.

Anyway, awesome Switch numbers too, even before any real holiday season starts up.

The 10th Rider12d ago

I'm expecting some updates for Mario Party. Nintendo has done a great job recently of supporting games post-launch.

Sgt_Slaughter12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I would hope so, but this whole release the game now, pack it full of content later thing is getting a bit annoying. I'm buying a game for $60 that's not worth the full $60 until months down the road (Splatoon 1/2, ARMS, Mario Tennis Aces, now Super Mario Party).

If they had the base game full of stuff that made it worth it to purchase at launch, then updates would be amazing as basically bonus content, but as of right now it's more of left out content than bonus.

browngamer4111d ago

We must be playing different Super Mario Party's cause my game is fun af

ZeekQuattro12d ago

Seems awful low for a new Mega Man title especially one that isn't even a full priced game.

Sgt_Slaughter12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

After what Capcom has done in terms of the treatment of Mega Man prior to the collections, I'm not surprised. Mega Man Legends 3 was announced then cancelled, along with that the disaster that is Mighty No. 9 happened (the graphic styles are similar so it might have hurt casual reception), some people were expecting/wanting retro styling like Mega Man 9 and 10 (personally they should have gone 16-bit like Mega Man X), etc. That and the game hasn't gotten stellar reviews either.

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