Bethesda: Fallout 76 Is 'Solo but Together'; Group Quest Progression Explained

Design Director Emil Pagliarulo described Fallout 76 as 'solo but together'. He also explained how quest progression will work in a group.

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KaiPow8d ago

That's a smart way to have different levels of progression.

ccgr8d ago

Can't wait for this one!

Alexious8d ago

Me too. I think it will sell well despite of people moaning about it.

-Foxtrot8d ago

It’s Fallout

It will sell then people will realise just like they did with Destiny

chris2358d ago (Edited 8d ago )

this will be a hard one for brand loyals to avoid. i can see them drooling all over the place as soon as someone mentions fallout.

but yeah, obviously the likes of destiny 2 and the umpteenth assassins creed or sports updates for full retail prices did not make the common fanboy learn. oh well, it‘s their money and disappointment *shrugs*

Snakeeater258d ago

And you play fortine and cod ?

Snakeeater258d ago

The more i read the more i want to play this game, i just hope they can update the graphic a bit

Garrett_the_GOD8d ago

I'm a HUGE fan of Fallout but this game doesnt interest me at all..hopefully one of these days they will release another traditional single player Fallout game..Ive been waiting all this time for Elder Scrolls 6 that is still years down the road,I'm gonna be highly disappointed if it turns out to be a dumbed down multiplayer game instead of the Elder Scrolls games we have come to love...I couldn't even really get into ESO and IMO it looks like a MUCH better game than Fallout 76...with all that being said,I do hope those who are excited about this and plan on getting this game enjoy the game they get..I do expect a lot of people will be disappointed with Fallout 76 when they realize its not the same type of game as the other Fallout games

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