Joy-Con Selling Out In Europe And Japan Thanks To Super Mario Party

From Nintendo Soup: "Retailers in Europe and Japan are reporting increased demand for Joy-Con after the release of Super Mario Party.

Amazon Italy, France, Denmark, and United Kingdom have run out of almost every single color available. Now they’re up for back-order and will only ship in 5 to 15 days. Meanwhile, GEO, one of the largest video game retailers in Japan, has reported a 300% increase in Joy-Con sales after Super Mario Party launched."

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Geobros8d ago

I wait joy con bundle for my second pair of joy cons. I dont want to pay 65 euros only for joy cons when with 89-99 euros I can have joy cons + game.

Platformgamer8d ago

how can someone play with these shitty mignon pads? with a thumb i press 2 buttons

King_Noctis8d ago

People who are not picky and just want to have fun?

Platformgamer8d ago

i can't have fun with the joycons, the propad is actually a normal controller and guess what? it's sold separately, because nintendo is the asshole of the gaming industry

Neonridr8d ago

they are a little on the small side, but considering they are on the sides of the actual unit, you wouldn't want them being a massive. People would then complain that the system is too big.