Fallout 76 Full Map revealed

One of the greatest series of the video game industry, Fallout will enter the realm of online gaming with the newest entry of the series, Fallout 76.

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chris23510d ago

hope this one will tank hard. there are many, many blind brand loyals out there but i hope this will tank. i mean, i am happy for them that no illegal copies of this release will happen because of online validation. but it would have been nice to come up with a good engine, a great game mode and better graphics.

Unreal0110d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I'm not a blind loyal, and I'm very much looking forward to this. Who'd have thought right?!

KillZallthebeast9d ago

This game almost guarantees there will be no true single player fallout for another 4 or so year minimum. So some people are rightfully annoyed because of that.

orakle449d ago

Really unsure why you would want any game to tank hard. That is just really bad for the industry as a whole.

Sam Fisher9d ago

Yea but if all games do good, thats a bad thing aswell. Then we got publishers doing whatever they wanna do bc a simpleton says "whatever its just 4$". Thats completely wrong, content starts getting cut, put behind paywalls, and etc. Star wars bf is the perfect example. Some games can slide, some game have to tank for the overall well being of the consumer

rdgneoz310d ago

"The story will be based on first settlers to head up to the surface after the nuclear fallout."

And yet it will include the BoS who weren't there yet...

r3f1cul10d ago

too many things that DESTROY fallout lore in here to even begin ... like why in the hell would all these survivors of the apocalypse immediately start dropping nukes on each other again? its just silly ... and in the worse way ... also not really sure on the possibility of super mutants being around here and yet either but hey we need another enemy type and people love super mutants right? sigh ...

Mikedzines10d ago

I think the challenge is that the unique value of Bethesda games rely so heavily on the mechanics that make the game "personal" for players. These mechanics are so deeply ingrained in their engine that abandoning it and starting from scratch runs the risk of not being able to adhere to quickly reproducing their charm on a new platform.

So, from a business standpoint, I understand the risk of going full-stop and not releasing a game until you've built it on something new — but also, they're probably fully aware that from a business standpoint, people aren't going to buy the same model re-skinned with a few new bells and whistles.

My guess? Bethesda has opened up a number of studios in the last few years for their development team — not publishers. I'm guessing that they have a team working on a next-gen engine (maybe for TES 6) and will put out Starfield on Gamebryo, buying them just enough time and tolerance so they can restore themselves as a cutting edge RPG maker.

ComBaTs0uL-7910d ago

I am sure they said that starfield is a next gen game

Mikedzines10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The fact that they mentioned in interviews that Star Field is playable means that it's probably been built on the same engine as Skyrim and Fallout 4. It's an engine that can render a lot of terrain, but it breaks that terrain among seperate cells. This "celled" approach can only take them so far, however. The Witcher has these nice animations between interiors that made it feel like the world was seamless. Fallout 4 has NPCs "pressing" on doors -- it's ridiculous in this day and age.

Todd Howard himself has said they "suck at ladders." Their engine literally prevents characters from using ladders. That's kind of nuts when you say it out loud.

As other games make leaps in freedom in the form of game mechanics, people will only tolerate Bethesda's game's janky-ness for so long before they have to evolve.The good news is that I (personally) believe they're already working on that with the new studios they have opened up :)

InputTranslation10d ago

This game might get swamped by a Red Dead snd Black Ops offeringsssssaaaa

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