Ubisoft Shouldn't Forget Traditional Assassin's Creed Fans

Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Origins are the way forward, but the old creed doesn't need to be forgotten.

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GamePitt8d ago

I fully agree. I actually hated Origins and I'm a massive AC fan. I've owned, completed and bought multiple copies on various systems, every single AC game on release date. When I got Origins, I played it for a few days, grew tired of its open world and boring filler - then gave up. Odyssey, I've not even considered picking it up as it's just more of the crap they have put together to satisfy the 'checklist' of what gamers want these days - yet to me, Assassins Creed is now dead.

I'm more excited and hyped about the AC 3 remaster, which I will be picking up day one, even if it means buying the Season pass for Odyssey in order to obtain it first.

I believe they should do an AC 5 which is the old style, the actual Assassin Creed format with actual assassinations, present time moments and a smaller but more interactive playing field. Whilst also having a studio release once of these by-the-numbers open world games every few years as a side franchise or spin-off.

I know a lot of people moaned about AC and said it needed a change, but there were also millions of the quiet majority who loved that formula and who really hates the direction the game has gone in.

RabbitFly8d ago

I loved origins and i like what they are doing with odyssey, but I still agree.

While I think the new direction has a lot of potential, something has been lost.

It is something about the ease of access, the power fantasy, these new experiences take a much bigger investment both timewise and mentally. So while I really enjoy the new direction I also miss what we had before.

I also think the slot in the market that assassins Creed used to fill is now left open.

stefan_7718d ago

I hated Origins too but I'm really enjoying Odyssey. It's worth checking out

GamePitt7d ago

I might do at some point but I don't have the time to invest in it atm. I'm a bit tired of large open world games. Even Red Dead - there have been a few articles on how it's gotten bigger than anything before it - Great, but it's it's going to be about 70% empty space where you travel so that the game can load in the next areas without you realising, then I'd rather it be smaller and more condensed.

Garrett_the_GOD8d ago

I disagree,I think Origins and Odyssey are by far the best games in the franchises...I just couldnt get into the older games but I always saw great potential in the older games but it was a combination of the bland worlds,the repetition and the horrible combat of the few things I always thought AC done right from the start was the parkour style traversal but everything else has a lot of room for improvement.I felt like Origins was the first game in the series to reach its full potential..I think Ubisoft needs to keep up what they started with Origins and Odyssey and never look thing I would like to see brought back is how you could blend into the crowd to hind or get past guards

ShadowWolf7128d ago

Hated Origins. Liking Odyssey, but certainly not as an AC game.