PlayStation Classic: Ports and Remasters Will Hurt Final Line-Up

Will seeing so many games on the PlayStation Classic that have already been remastered limit the "magic" of seeing them again?

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awdevoftw8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Look, the system is a novelty for collectors. The nes, snes and genesis have remakes and compilations and digital games being sold and resold all the time. The neo geo is doing it for over 100 dollars. I get it. You are doing a click piece on a popular system, but seriously.

godofboobees8d ago

And you really think that's going to deter people from getting it?

Teflon028d ago

Like SNES and nes mini. Most the games are available on virtual console. It's not really the games people buy it for. It's the idea. I wanted a SNES mini. I added games to it the same day. Could have just used an emulator but I bought it to have that experience back. Could have just used our dusty Wii. But I wanted that. Same for ps one mini. I have ffvii on ps4 but I still wanted it on the mini.

Skankinruby8d ago

This thing is not about the games, it's just a neat little sentimental toy. It won't hurt mainstream consoles at all.

AK918d ago

They should use the PS1 classic exclusively for games that can't be put onto PSN for licensing reasons like they did with Tekken 3.