Assassin's Creed Odyssey trainer offers for free the game-changing XP booster

John from DSOGaming writes: "Back in the golden days, instead of using microtransactions, developers were implementing cheat codes to their games in order to make them a bit easier for gamers. And while these days are long gone, on the PC we can use trainers that can bring back that magic. Truth be told, trainers can also ruin a difficult game – like Dark Souls – but in Odyssey’s case, they can address one specific feature that Ubisoft has added via microtransactions."

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SubZtx8d ago

Disgusting this wasn't in the game to begin with.

Jinger8d ago

If you're using the XP boost or a trainer... then you're playing it wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the balance.

Jinger8d ago

Oh well yeah, but my point is don't use either... it isn't needed.

Casepb8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

It's not about balance, it's about the grind. Some people either don't want to do it because they hate it, or they just don't have that much time. I totally get it, doing mindless boring as hell sidequests just to get to level 10 so you can go to the next island and not get 1 shotted is a huge annoyance.

Jinger8d ago

But the side missions have been good... have you played it?

Master of Unlocking8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Wait, what? You need to level up even just to explore the game's world? I thought it was all unlocked from the start. Who still does that in 2018?

Heavenly King8d ago

On PC it is a program that modifies your save file. So it can get you better stats, XP, or money depending on what developer of the trainer choose to include.

staticall8d ago

It's a person who helps you get better at sport

Casepb8d ago

I haven't used a trainer in over 10 years, they are so damn shady I'm always afraid I will get a virus from them.