Detroit: Become Human Is Better Than You Think

Igromania: "Detroit: Become Human is not perfect and, in general, not quite a game - it has almost no gameplay. But I still like this brainchild of David Cage."

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ClayRules201233d ago (Edited 33d ago )

There’s no such thing as a perfect game. Detroit: Become Human is a game. It has gameplay, it just goes about it differently than say your Uncharted, God of War, HZD, Spider-Man etc... but you still move your character with the joystick/camera, your just limited compared to those games with what your able to do.

A masterpiece of a game & QD’s best work “in my opinion”

lucian22933d ago

this game is the best of its kind; just finished it today. I've never felt so connected to characters and never felt as if my choices have mattered so much until this game.The worry of death truly was a worry for everything you did. Somehow I managed to have all my characters survive (not supporting though). such a masterpiece.

AK9133d ago

I mean alot of people know how great Detroit is but there is a loud vocal minority who will criticize anything David Cage does, however those people should be ignored and not taken seriously at all.

TekoIie33d ago

Well, I don't have a high opinion of David Cage's games so you might be right there.

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