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Destiny 2 introduced their raid for Forsaken named, Last Wish. Guardians looking to jump in the raid early as they grind to 550 light or gamers that don’t want to wait around for a group have a chance to pick up raid gear without ever fighting an enemy.

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Kernel2211d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Bungie is trying too hard. Just stop acting as if people still care for this game.

lol "bestiny 2" These idiots speaks like 13 years old kids trying to do PR for an already uninteresting generic franchise.

Gigamax10d ago

Thanks for watching! So, we're guessing you're not a fan of the new Destiny 2 content?

Kernel2210d ago

Bungie lost their edge long time ago. Destiny became a generic game hurting the wallet of their costumers with those DLC. Bungie's attitude doesn't help either. People are moving away from this slow paced game.

Warframe is way far better than Destiny 2 in many ways. There's no reason to play this anymore since Destiny 1. Bungie needs to move away from it and let it rest in peace. It's over.

Gigamax10d ago

It is ridiculous how much they charge for every single expansion. Destiny 1 bordered on robbery at the end there.

We keep hearing great things about Warframe. Now that it's coming to the Switch, might be time to give it another try.

Kernel2210d ago

Play warframe in PC/PS4. It will suck ass in Switch.

Destiny 2 is the same cash grabbing scheme like Destiny 1. People got annoyed and left. Bungie needs to wait 10 years in order to evolve. They are just too slow getting with the times. They are sloppy and too lazy.

Many of us abandoned Destiny 1 long time ago. Bungie lost a lot of credibility.

Knuckle Duster10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

This is such an old exploit, And these 13-year-olds make this look way harder than it is!

Gigamax10d ago

Granted, we got a little turned around... We'll definitely give you that. Damn, it would be cool to be 13 again. We're getting old.

shaun mcwayne10d ago

Destiny 2 casual edition. No grind necessary.

Gigamax10d ago

Destiny 2: Forsake the Grind