Astro Bot Rescue Mission Review - Gameplanet New Zealand

Gameplanet New Zealand: Astro Bot Rescue Mission feels like a greatest hits of platformers from a bygone era. The stunning implementation of PSVR truly elevates the game to a magical place. I really can't overstate just how much you need to play it for yourself.

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Babadook761d ago

And... it’s back in the nineties on Metacritic.

Tiqila61d ago

I am so tempted to buy a PSVR just for this game, but I feel I will be disappointed by the hardware limitations, all those additional cables, etc.

NecrumOddBoy61d ago

It's not to daunting but takes some set up time. PSVR is incredible. It's a space worth exploring. I highly recommend Moss!

AshleeEmerson61d ago

Don't hesitate, it's REALLY amazing!!

Dom_Estos61d ago

Don't worry about any of this. It's a minor thing to put up with, plus when the day comes when better HMD's come out, they'll feel like a worthwhile upgrade when they go wireless.

It's not a big deal. As soon as you're inside the headset, everything around you vanishes and you're inside the game. You won't just stop at this game, though. Everything you try out for the first time has a kind of curiosity that I've not experienced in gaming since the early days when things could still be new and surprising.

Einhander197161d ago

Once you initially set up PSVR, you are up and running in five minutes. Like the review says you have to try Astro Bot to believe how great it is.