Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Final System Requirements Confirmed Downgraded

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is coming out soon and Treyarch has finally released the full PC system requirements and launch schedule on Reddit. Interestingly, the final requirements are downgraded somewhat from the specs listed for last month's Blackout beta, which demanded an Intel Core i5 2500k (or AMD equivalent) as a minimum CPU, and recommended a Core i7 4770k. Here is the final system requirement.

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Jinger7d ago

Or it could be they set the requirements for the beta higher because it was still slightly unstable and needed polishing. Now they have polished it and have a spec for the actual final build.

Sy_Wolf7d ago

So they spent time and optimized the game to need less demanding hardware. Good :D

Subzero100x7d ago

I fail to understand how this shit game needs this kind of requirements when its the same damn game as before.

thrust7d ago

The above person is someone who can’t compete online....

xX-oldboy-Xx7d ago

It's nice to use the word downgrade - in this optimized would have been better.

Ultr6d ago

But then the amount of clicks would be downgraded....

SenorFartCushion6d ago

No downgrade.

Greedy asset flipping and a ridiculously small amount of maps used in the mp? Sure.

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