PSN Sale Now Live and It's Called the "Only on PlayStation Sale," Here's the Full List

Same as every week, Sony has once again rolled out this week's big PSN sale, and this one is called the "Only on PlayStation" sale.

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darthv7213d ago

timing couldn't be better. My buddy just sent me a $20 PS store gift card for my birthday.

InKnight7s13d ago

Nioh is holding so strangly comparing to everything else!!

joab77713d ago

If you haven’t played it, go get it now!!

zaherdab12d ago

Its been cheaper in a precious flash sale

JokerBoy42212d ago

Ive seen the complete edition on sale for $20-25... Im going to hold out. Might just hold off and wait for Sekiro anyway.

Goozex12d ago

Decent price but an amazing game. Kind of like a ninja souls type.

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Apocalypse Shadow13d ago

must be those exclusives we were talking about in the other article.

good sales. plan to buy a couple more vr games I waited too many already.

Abnor_Mal13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Just picked up Surgeon Simulator VR for five dollars. Haven't decided if I want to buy WipeoutVR for twelve bucks.
Is The Persistance any good and worth a purchase?

Nicaragua13d ago

Wipeout VR is the best VR game available in my opinion

Leeroyw12d ago

Wipe out vr. Do. Yourself. A. Favour.

Apocalypse Shadow12d ago

If you ever liked futuristic racing games and the wipeout series, I would suggest you get it. In VR, it's what I imagine everyone thought how it should have been played. VR just adds so much to games like this. And there are comfort options just in case.

jc1213d ago

meh, most of these games are very old

isarai12d ago

Most of these have come out in the last year or so, wouldn't really call that "very old" but that's just me i guess

jc1212d ago

most of the games worth getting:
uc4, until dawn, resogun, infamous, ratchet and clank, the order 1886 etc are all much older than one year...

S2Killinit13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Wow until dawn for 5 bucks. Uncharted 4, Helldivers (if you haven’t already bought 8 don’t know what to say)... good stuff.

rdgneoz312d ago

Until Dawn was free with ps+ a while ago. A few of the other games as well. Still, discounts are always nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.