FIFA 19: CR7 "reappears" on EA Sports website

In recent days, the fact that EA Sports had decided to remove from its website the image of Cristiano Ronaldo from the cover of FIFA 19 from its official website, this following the extra football events that are involving the famous football player. The same Electronic Arts was expressed in regard to allegations of rape against CR7: " the company will carry out all appropriate assessments to ensure that the game cover athlete follows the moral and ethical principles of the publisher. ".

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2pacalypsenow1082d ago

Being accused doesn't mean he did it. Stop punishing people before they're even found guilty or not.

This is a huge problem, we're going to get to the point were anyone mad at someone will accuse them of rape and that would be enough to ruin them.

Sitdown1081d ago

That point is already here, that's why they removed the imagine. In court you are supposed to be innocent until proving guilty, not in public opinion.

Vahlok1081d ago

If i were Ronaldo, i wouldn't sign any dealship with EA anymore.