This PS Now Advert is a Little Misleading, Don't Fall For It

Pure PlayStation: With Sony's PlayStation Now (PS Now) service gaining a little more of the public mind share now that it allows players to download PS4 games, much like Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, it's only right that people are starting to question the service. How many games are there? Is the streaming good? How many games are added each month? These are all questions I've been asked by my buddies, and one of them came across an interesting advert for the service on the PlayStation Store website

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sampsonon101d ago

you were a hall monitor in school weren't you? or " Miss Perkins, you forgot to give us homework, please don't forget to give us homework."

Mr_cheese101d ago

So now I don't have to click through to the link and provide additional revenue, could you provide highlights have what they are talking about?

Mr_Writer85101d ago

A "friend" of his asked if 31 games a month are added to Now.

The reason being there is an icon of a calander with the number 31 on it. Under that it says "games added each month".

The "friend" in question confused the number on the icon as the number of games added each month.

The writer has now complained to the advertising board.

VenomUK101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

I've seen that and I knew what Sony meant, however for the owner of the 'Pure PlayStation' blog I can understand how it might be confusing for him.

@Mr_Writer85 You're right! The owner has lodged a complaint!

indysurfn101d ago

In the article There is a image of "the last of us", right below it in the same highlighted vertical image there is a big "31" then "6 dots in a square white frame", then the words "new games every month". It makes people assume it means 31 new games every month. But it is not technically saying that. Because those six dots are saying calendar without a month named.

AAWELLS09100d ago

Why wouldn't you wanna read the article for yourself? So you could form your own opinion? Is it because its possibly showing Sony in a bad light? I kinda figured as much.

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Kumakai101d ago

Sorry. This is a juvenile apologist comment. I don’t agree with the article but you prove that to fanboys, there is nothing Sony could do wrong. It’s like trump supporters of video games.

RememberThe357101d ago

Apologist for what? Some idoit making an idiotic assumption? No need to apologise for morons.

ImGumbyDammit101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Or perhaps this article is more like the calling of whiny liberals of the gaming world. "Oh the sun is too yellow, whine, whine, Trump's fault, must march on Washington", "Oh, I broke my pencil, whine, whine, Tump's fault, those conservatives are all Nazis", "31 games, I am so confused, whine whine, Trump's fault, we need to protest!".

sampsonon101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

they did do something wrong, they caved and allowed cross platform gaming because xbox fanboys cried and cried. there, they did something wrong.

this s a stupid story.

sampsonon101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

@ImGumbyDammit: you sound like you have a hard on for trump. you like orange con men? lol to f-ing stupid to even see it. of please hurricane do what's best and thin these idiots out just a little. or what did trump so famously say? "i love the uneducated".

we come here so we don't have to hear about that orange p grabber.

Atticus_finch101d ago

Gumby If whining makes someone liberal, than you and Trump are liberal AF. Your rambling is making you sound unstable, I think you need a few more boxes of Alex Jones testosterone pills.

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kevnb101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Get ready for countless articles bashing ps now and acting like microsofts upcoming streaming service is a revelation.

Switch4One101d ago

Ps Now streaming sucks though and IF xCloud is indeed better then people should be free to say it.

ninsigma101d ago

I tried it recently. Worked just fine and my network is only 27Mbps.

Switch4One101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

And xCloud is said to be run great on a 10meg line but it's pointless comparing a service that's out with one that's at least a year away

ninsigma101d ago

I wasn't comparing. Just stating my experience of PSNow that is at odds with "Ps Now streaming sucks".

101d ago
DarkVoyager101d ago (Edited 101d ago )


“And xCloud is said to be run great on a 10meg line but it's pointless comparing a service that's out with one that's at least a year away.”

Keyword: “it’s said” to be great. You believe anything they say at this point?

Sony is already doing it.

Sony also owns all the patents on cloud game streaming from Gaikai and OnLive.

kevnb101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Oh please, people in the media havent even tried it and are acting like its something special despite several other services like it being available for years. Its so obvious its yet more undisclosed paid advertising by microsoft, something they do quite often and have been caught doing before.
At the end of the day haven't people noticed customers arent really into streaming games? At best its a very niche service that seems pointless to invest in to me considering where technology is going.

Silly gameAr101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

It doesn't suck though. I tried the free trial, and it worked as advertised. Maybe you should try it before bashing?

Vizigoth04101d ago

No, it works fine and will only get better.

Shadowolf101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

PS Now always works great for me, just saying!

Switch4One101d ago

But I did try it and it was laggy. I wasn't able to enjoy my experience and I would not recommend it to anyone in its current state, especially not a viable alternative to owning actual hardware.

Wallstreet37101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Sucked for you lol I thought most of the time I was playing a game on disc. Stop the hyperbolic fanboy bs

Silly gameAr101d ago

I was playing through Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS Now. It was laggy at some parts, but only when there was a lot going on on screen, but it worked like a charm. I was kind of impressed. Wouldn't want to stream games only and still prefer downloading and hard copy, but I could mess with PSNow, or even Xcloud every now and then.

Switch4One101d ago

Wallstreet welcome to how opinions work! It sucked for me and so my opinion about it is that it sucks. No hyperboles, I didn't say it was the worst thing in gaming, I just gave my honest take on it.

@silly for me If xCloud comes out and it's exactly like PS Now streaming is right now then I'll be the first to say xCloud sucks because for me a laggy experience is a deal breaker. If we need to wait another 10 years for this to become comparable to console gaming then let's wait another 10 years!

ImGumbyDammit101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

I don't think PSNow sucks but, it isn't great either. Problem is PSNow may work or may not. I have tried it on a good fiber connection and it sucked chocolate balls, my friend had it on 30Mbps and, like you, it worked as expected. The real issue is will PSNow be able to up its game in the actual quality level, it appears from what I have been reading XCloud (and ProjectStream) will be able to handle 1080p and even scale depending on your connection and the game you are streaming keeping with graphics quality of the source. PSNow will need to step up its game on that front (get beyond 720p, 30fps max, lacks the ability to handle lots screen action, latency issues, artifacts compared to original content) We will see if Sony can. We will find out next year when XCloud is being tested in the wild. I will tell you that I was able to try Project Stream from a friends setup and it worked and looked pretty good for an early beta. I have high hopes for XCloud too. I am not counting out PSNow on the streaming either but, Sony can't sit around with how PSNow game streaming currently is handled. It might be acceptable for PS3 games but, if PS4 games originally 1080p but downgraded to 720 will be a bad experience for many (e.g. Uncharted 4 or HZD if they ever put them on the service at 720p would be a travesty to humanity) especially if competing services don't have to do that and solve latency issues.

parris101d ago (Edited 101d ago )


PSNow does scale, I used it in a hotel with poor internet and it occasionally would become a little blurry. But it still worked.

And streaming doesn't scale like your saying, you have to have x mbps download to stream at a certain resolution/framerate/image quality. have you never used Twitch or something? If you don't have enough bandwidth it will have to lower image quality or resolution or framerate. That's just a fact of how streaming works. You taking a few bits of information that Microsoft is giving and start using your imagination to try to insert things that aren't possible due to the physics of it.

And it doesn't have any problem when lots of things are on screen, every time you talk about it your spread misinformation. It's literally just streamed data, it runs exactly the same as on a console if you have the bandwidth and connection. It's just like gameshare which also works great.

I don't understand why your on such a mission to make PSNow seem bad when it's not. Look at all the people here telling you it works fine.

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tontontam0101d ago ShowReplies(2)
Jinger101d ago

It will only be a revelation if they can get the internet requirement fairly low with it still looking and playing fine. Only time will tell. Regardless, I have never been a fan of playing big games on a small phone so I'll stick with my traditional gaming experience.

101d ago
Jinger101d ago


I'd guess that in some areas there are places with internet less than 25mbps down. Place like Libya It has 52% internet connection below the speed of 256 kbps.

The average speed in the US is 10.7 mbps while UK's average is something like 26mbps

So it really depends on where you live. Just saying the lower they can set the bar and keep it great looking without major hiccups the better for everyone. Considering that's their plan, is to get way more people on their ecosystem by offering their games on ANY platform you have.

kevnb101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

@gamerzero the average internet speed in the states is less than 25 mbps.

101d ago
Jinger101d ago


"Worldwide, the average broadband connection provided a speed of just 7.2 Mbps across all of the 149 countries measured, Akamai said."

rainslacker101d ago

I think the bandwidth requirement isn't as much of an issue as the service being susceptible to performance issues because of induced lag. That lag is mostly out of MS control, and it would take a lot for MS to entice ISP's to make it less laggy....particularly now with the end of net neutrality.

Streaming services such as this are all going to face that same problem.

Lowering the bandwidth requirement doesn't even mean better quality. Sony can downgrade the image on their streams as well, but there is no new major change to video codecs which will allow the same image to stream at half the bandwidth. It just doesn't work like that unless you throw in special decompression chips which kind of goes against the concept of what these services have to offer.


My old ISP said it was delivering 25Mbps, but in practice, I was getting maybe 10-12, with a lot of lag at times, which was made worse by the piss-poor wi-fi router they included with the service. Recently got a new ISP, and I'm now at 100Mbps(about 120Mbps in practice), and lag seems to be pretty low, although I haven't really stress tested it. I also upgrade to a really good router.

But lag is more an issue than bandwidth. I mean, I can get decent enough YouTube streams over my cell carriers 4G network that aren't as fast as 10Mbps.

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rainslacker101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Get ready?

Isn't that about all we've had since the inception of PSNow, and almost every service that MS has to offer? Heck, people are already talking up MS streaming service despite it not even being released yet. I haven't seen any negative articles about it, which is particularly interesting considering the stark difference we saw when Sony brought Gaikai, then when they renamed it PSNow, then when they launched the beta, then when they launched the prices, then when they started adding more games available, then when they did anything with it....well pretty much anything about it. Very little positivity in the comments section with any article about it, even if that article was merely a relaying of a press release. The PS4 games added was met with, "yeah but they're old games, and the service sucks a**".

Can't make this stuff up either. Just go look at articles about it. Even PS fan boys weren't overly enthused about the service or prices, but they recognized it as an optional service, and about the best they got from it overall was the yearly subscription price.

Not that MS can't do something better, but they haven't even released it, and suddenly, everyone thinks lag will disappear, or that MS is going to use some sort of revolutionary compression technology to deliver better visuals over a slower network, despite the fact that there is a limit to what kind of picture you can get through any available bandwidth, and that compression technologies haven't suddenly allowed the same picture at half the bandwidth....otherwise, every streaming service in existence would already be using it to cut down on their costs.

I might end up taking advantage of the reset PSNow free trial they have going on. I tried it soon after launch, and thought it worked fine. Didn't try any super fact paced game, but enough to make me think that most games would work reasonably well with it. I'd be curious to see if its improved over the years. All I know is that everyone who says it sucks, if I believe they actually tried it, probably didn't have a very good connection to the network, because if the service works fine with a solid connection with low lag, there is no reason to assume it would just selectively pick to work poorly for other users on Sony's end of things.


" I wasn't able to enjoy my experience and I would not recommend it to anyone in its current state"

Why would you have to recommend it? There is a trial. Maybe tell them that your experience wasn't that good, but it's highly dependent on one's internet, and they should use the trial to see if it works for them, because there are plenty of people who have tried it and say it works fine....myself included.

I wouldn't tell people to not use YouTube because up until recently I had a really crappy WiFi router and somewhat sporatic internet. I understood where the problem lay, and it wasn't on YouTube's end.

parris101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

This is really the only accurate comment here.

Microsoft throws out a few keywords and the press runs around saying them and people here parrot the press with zero understanding.

There are factual limitations between framerate resolution and quality, regardless of how fast a computer is it can't stream higher quality than the bandwidth will support.

Streaming has been a thing for about 10 years now and all the software updates from flash media encoder to Xsplit to OBS over all that time there has been very little improvement in the bandwidth required to stream at x resolution/framerate/quality.

The only thing Microsoft does better is getting the media to spread their message and tricking fans who have little understanding into falling for it... over and over and over again.

rainslacker101d ago

Compression technologies have certainly gotten better over the years, compared to how they started for sure. But generally, picture data is only compressable so far before they start becoming too lossy and affecting picture quality. The entire basis of video compression is removal of data to achieve higher throughput, and the more you do that, the lower the image quality. The only things that changed was that better techniques for combining frame data that is repetative got better, but its hit a wall, and the higher the resolution, the bigger that wall becomes, so it moves back to more lossy techniques, as there isn't much difference between a few shares of gray where there are fifty thousand greys. But it is this technique which tends to make streams darker than their less compressed counterparts on physical media.

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jordan22290ps101d ago

A bit of nitpicking but I guess that's the norm now

TheGamingEffect101d ago

I still think Xbox Game Pass is the better service, but PS Now has the better games.

fishaz780101d ago

I have both, I am cancelling ps now this month though, as gamepass is cheaper. I use game pass on PC as I don’t own an Xbox One and although the games are limited, you only have to play 2 or 3 games a year to get your moneys worth.

PS Now is 12.99 a month and most of the games are really old releases. Sucks imo. If it was cheaper, then perhaps it would be worth it

TheGamingEffect101d ago

I totally understand where your coming from. I have both as well, and i love those older PlayStation titles.

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