Pete Hines Is Not "The Lore Guy" So Stop Telling Him That the BOS in Fallout 76 Makes No Sense

Ed M writes: Pete Hines is not "The Lore Guy" so no matter how many times you ask him about the Brotherhood of Steel appearing in Fallout 76, he won't have an answer.

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-Foxtrot9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

They mention the Brotherhood of Steel by name in Fallout 76? If this is true and it's the BoS then what the hell.

It makes no sense to the overall lore, they did a prequel which was bad enough and now they are messing with things, the worse thing a prequel can do. Jeez, all this to jump into the multiplayer online crowd...they could have done an online game set during Fallout 1-4 or NV era if they wanted them in the game that bad.

rainslacker7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Its been a long while since I tried making sense of Bethesda's stories. They're usually good when taken as their own thing, but there seems to be a lot of compulsions to throw in everything possible, regardless of how it actually fits in. Too much fan service I guess.

More on topic...while Hines may not know the answer, perhaps, being the 2nd in command of Bethesda, he could maybe get the question answered by someone who does know. Surely since his job is public relations and marketing, he'd have access to the right people. Granted, his public relations as of late have been wanting.

Garrett_the_GOD8d ago

WTF??Bethesda should be ashamed of themselves...after playing Morrowind,Oblivion and Skyrim as well as Fallout 3,Fallout 4 and New Vegas(I know NV was made by Obsidian,not Bethesda) I was under the impression Bethesda took the lore very seriously..I mean look at all the random books,all the side quests,miscellaneous quest/mini quests and everything that was put into these games to help flesh out the story..they should be ashamed of themselves.I know they didnt start the Fallout franchise but you wouldve thought they wouldve studied up on Fallout 1 and 2 so shit like this would never happen