Will Xbox LIVE Survive the Holiday Surge?

360-Deals writes:

"Will Xbox LIVE Fail Come December 25th?

Do you recall what happened last Christmas?

The craptacular down time lasted longer than many of us care to remember. The Halo 3 surge combined with the influx of new Xbox LIVE members was just too much for the super secret Xbox LIVE data center to handle."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida4274d ago

Its already dying and failing against the superior PSN service

Relientk774274d ago

um, why do u have a gears of war icon?

Pennywise4274d ago

It failed this year and with more users it will probably die again. After all 90% of the users are kids and the kids are off from school.

ukilnme4274d ago

I hope MS is prepared for it this time. I don't want any interruptions when I get around to kicking some azz this holiday season.

Rofflecopter4274d ago

yeah.. i was completely ticked last year.. lucky for me i have a ps3 this year too. its gonna be so hard to split my time between gears2 and r2.. i need another set of hands.

vhero4274d ago

wont be a surge as there arent as many players on live right now as there was last year so when the surge does hist it will probably match last years amounts and the new servers will be there. People think once you buy gold you stay on it well MS does anyways I ain't bought gold now for near 2 years since I bought my ps3 and that £80 I saved has almost paid the differnce of the 2 consoles (at the time of buying the ps3)

ionize4274d ago

Most people should be bored with Banjo and Viva Pinata by then, so I bet both people playing Fable 2 should have nooooo problem.

ukilnme4274d ago

No need to hate. You can play it too if you buy a 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.