Fallout 76 microtransactions currency is called Atoms, can only be spent on cosmetics

Bethesda has revealed a few more details about Fallout 76's microtransactions currency, Atoms.

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9d ago
-Foxtrot9d ago

Make a unappealing game less appealing

Good one Bethesda

capjacksparrow9d ago

If they pulled an Overwatch and used that money to give all the players the content for free, keeping the community unified, then I'd support that. I doubt it though. I'm not sure if I'm even getting the game at this point. It's horribly optimized with a month to go -_-

Immorals9d ago

Overwatch aren't any better. It was a barebones game at launch, and still is. The cosmetics in it should have been unlock able through challenges and progression, not loot boxes

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paintedgamer19849d ago

This is the only form of MT's that im perfectly fine with.

DarkVoyager9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Or better yet, how about no microtransactions on a $60 game period.

paintedgamer19849d ago

Yeah but it looks like MT's are here to stay no matter how much you and I would rather not have it at all. All im stating is if we must have this despite how others feel about it, i wish for it only be cosmetically. The reality is, if a developer can find a way to nickel and dime us... and people out there are actually spending money on this they will do it. Which i dont blame them from a business standpoint. I would just hope they invest some of that damn money into making better stability in games, newer engines, and even newer i.p.'s. If mt's made all the difference if a developer a lot of people favor from closing their doors forever i say frick it go on ahead. Id rather not see people lose their jobs that are just doing what they are told.

rdgneoz39d ago

Exactly. Look at Spider-Man. $60 game with a ton of unlockable non-MT suits to run around in.

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D3TH_D33LR9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Except that’s a dumb model when talking about an online multiplayer focused game. It’s 2018 gramps, time to exit the 2009 train.

Nyxus8d ago

Agreed. They just don't belong in full price games, they should just be for free to play games.

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Oschino19078d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I hope so, they announced cosmetic only microtransactions back in June. Also that game content would be free so no one is separated.

refocusedman9d ago

Microtransactions suck but if its only for cosmetic upgrades it a huge whatever.

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