'Fallout 76' preview: This isn't 'Fallout 5' [Engadget]

Just because you love Fallout 4 doesn't mean you'll be into Fallout 76.

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chris2359d ago

i loved fallout 3, everything that came after was a farce. and an insult to gamers. there is no way i am going to buy another bethesda title. especially not a freaking multiplayer title.

Cajun Chicken9d ago

What? Even New Vegas?
I have to admit, I pretty much only know Fallout from 3 onwards, but I hear that Vegas was more on the right track to the roleplaying of the originals? Obviously a totally different gameplay perspective though.

william_cade9d ago

New Vegas is the best imo, but I agree about 76 being a live service game. I'm pissed too.

Dark-soul9d ago

fallout 4 was very good and had best story of all the fallout games. was playing with no spoilers and was wondering where is that institute and so on. good times :)

TimeSkipLuffy8d ago

yeah, after f3 none off the sequels were able to grab me like 3 did.

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Kingdroopy20189d ago

Interplay fangirls are far too entitled and butt hurt

PlatinumKing19829d ago

Well I loved fallout 3 and 4 and all dlc. But I will be giving this one a miss.