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Abnor_Mal102d ago

Strange that they did not mention the use of the Aim controller as an option. Hopefully it will be implemented before release or right after. If the Move controllers had thumbstick controls that would have been great instead of pressing buttons to move or teleport. Definitely will keep my eyes on this prize, but currently have Evasion to start playing.

Venox2008102d ago

some of the games like Raw data, Apex construct and some others are having a decent locomotion moving system where you tilt a controller and hold moving allows strafing too..I know, its still not analog sticks, but that works really decent

Dom_Estos102d ago

Skyrim does this and it works fine. Sort of similar to going back to a D-pad for moving around. Not perfect, but it does the job.

Abnor_Mal102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Okay haven't tried those two games yet.
Waiting for Skyrim VR to be $20, as I already own the game on PS3, but that VR makes me want it again.
VR needs more full fledged games with save anywhere capability. So when the strain from using an HMD get too much and a break is required, it can be saved anywhere and turned off instead of waiting till you get to a save/checkpoint.

crazyCoconuts102d ago

Seems like this is going to be the full game, which is great! Glad I missed playing this through when it originally came out. PSVR is on a roll!

jukins102d ago

Yep full game minus co op. Which unfortunately for me makes it a no go unless this goes on sale fast

ApexWolf22102d ago

This might be what I'll need to get back into VR, I hope they get it right. I never completed Borderlands 2...

DaMist102d ago

This sounds great but I feel like it's a missed opportunity to not have it coop and not use the aim controller.

Venox2008101d ago

it does..but there is a chance they might still be doing Aim controller patch..dont know about far as I know they will be doing bullet time..maybe one of the reasons why it doesn't have coop..

Garrett_the_GOD102d ago

This is GREAT NEWS to me...I love my PSVR but we are in bad need of more big full scale games..Skyrim and Resident Evil 7 are still my 2 favorite PSVR games..thats definitely not to say their arent plenty of great games that were made from the ground up for VR but a lot of us want more big VR experiences..I would love to see Fallout 4 come to PSVR but I understand the handware limitations of PSVR making that extremely hard to accomplish..with that being said I know they could make Fallout 3 for PSVR..I would love to see Oblivion brought to PSVR as well..In other words I'm perfectly fine with last gen ports,I just want more big AAA games

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