Intel 9th Gen Core i9-9900K to be Significantly Faster than Ryzen 2700X in Gaming?

At the product launch of Intel’s 9th gen Kaby lake refresh, the focus of the event was the gaming performance of the new processors. As per Intel’s official benchmarks, the Kaby Lake refresh is a fair bit faster than AMD’s 2nd gen Ryzen processors as well as Intel’s previous 8th gen CPUs.

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minesweeper99d ago

probably not significantly. Intel won't have a surprisingly much faster CPU - it's a small improvement over the previous generation. Core count aside, you could expect a small advantage

Iceball200099d ago

Hardware Unboxing already debunked this. It’s not that much faster. And definitely not worth $500+

kbozz7198d ago

For the price it ought to be.