Games really need to fall out of love with Lovecraft

Sam Greer:
"I'm not keen on mincing words on this one. H.P Lovecraft was a racist and before you go making an argument for separating the art from the artist, let's be clear on another point: so are his stories. They encompass other problematic elements too, of course - misogyny, homophobia. Right down to their core, right down to the very themes that recur throughout his works, you'll find the hateful perspective he had of the world: the ignorance of someone who viewed anything unlike himself with revulsion. While he drew inspiration from works predating him, what Lovecraft gave to the genre of cosmic horror was his hate."

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bigmalky100d ago

Different times, different people. This changes nothing.

Speaking of hate... You seem to be seething through your article. Just move on, the guy is dead and earns nothing from his visions being used in modern media.

Palitera100d ago

I am very antirascist, profeminist and all these stuff right wingers seem to hate.
But, even to my standards, judging the guy through modern values is just unfair. Every society has its distortions and in that time people didn't even have much access to information or many different points of view.

bigmalky100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

I'm not anti or pro about much. Individuality is a choice. I am for equality though, and nobody seems to be aiming for that these days. It's destroy the past and spread more hate or nothing, and it's from extremists from both sides.

What this wordy, preaching writer doesn't understand, is that hate breeds hate, and he's perpetualising it by taking that stance.

Palitera100d ago

Absolutely agreed.

Just a note: Antiracism and feminism ARE for equality.
(Definitely not talking about man-hating feminazis)

Forn100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Right wingers are the ones who are truly antiracist, equal opportunists, etc. (not talking about far right, obviously). They just don't buy into the lefts agenda or disregard the facts. Don't be fooled by skewed liberal media who just want to misinform the masses.

Palitera100d ago

I’m not gonna argue politics here. Just know that this is just, only, nothing more than your opinion. ^^

BlackTar187100d ago

@palitera what a poster boy for handfed propaganda the Main Stream media produces.

You couldn't put all the qualities that are annoying into one quick post any better.

CarlDechance99d ago

"and all these stuff right wingers seem to hate"

No, you mean extremists. Not "right wingers".

Skull52199d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Author, go do something useful with your life. If we wanted a new horror setting all we would need to do is ask you what your perfect world would look like, I’m sure a terrible place no one else would want to live in.

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Fist4achin100d ago

Regardless of how history has been, it is our history and that we can't change. Instead, we should learn from it and progress forward. I'm sure if you dig deep enough, you'll find faults with a lot of other revered artists as well.

Eonjay100d ago

I don't understand why gamers (maybe people in general) don't seem to realize that you don't have to have a seizure when you hear an opinion that differs from theirs. Even if I don't agree with the writer, the writer still has a right to his opinion. What I fear is a world where people have to conform to a single group thought. I was always taught to strengthen your argument by choosing to understand the other side.

Of the responses here: only Palitera sounds like a sound normal person. He gets the idea of opposing hatred but his refutation of the author is sound, clear, intelligent and he/she doesn't sound triggered.

For the love of God, stop being triggered. State your opinion. When you can't do that without attacking the author directly of on something as god given as having a differing opinion, it makes you look brainwashed.

My opinion differs completely from everyone elses : I think the medium is fine. I think the dark (occultlike) storytelling is fine. I do believe however that so many idea's are reused over and over again. Even when I look at 'new' movies and shows coming out a HUGE majority of them are recreations of past works. I want to see more new ideas. From my perspective, people are stuck trying to one up the same ideas. As much as I like Spiderman the idea of rebotting it 3 times makes it look like there are no more ideas anywhere. I feel like people worship the past so much that they forget what it means to respect it. What Lovecraft did was original for his time. Where are our original idea in the contemporary here and now? Even the flat earth theory which came roaring back is an millennia old idea. Haven't we learned any new tricks?

bigmalky100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Because, Eonjay, they are a gaming site. An opinion like this can be construed as propaganda, which should be left to the news media to decide to promote.

If this guy wants to get into social politics, he should not be using a gaming platform as his soap box. You can influence minds by a skewed view, and that's not what gaming is about.

He's using the subject matter of a game to go off on a personal rant and it shouldn't even be published by Eurogamer.

BlackTar187100d ago

So he sounds the most normal making incredibly sweeping generalizations about 1 parties political beliefs? That's not what a normal person should sound like but maybe in today's day an age it is.

notachance99d ago

uh.. I read the article and the writer doesn't even elaborate which part of Lovecraft's piece supports her argument. Just a bunch of this guy is bad, his works are bad, don't read it anymore.

also for someone who championed the freedom of opinion it sure is contradictive how the article tried to denied Lovecraft's, basically trying to condemn him and his piece.

Gardenia100d ago

This guy (I think) needs to wave his rainbow flag and keep that shit to himself. We all don't have to change our views on books, movies and game just to please you point of view. It keeps getting worse with these kind of people

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TekoIie99d ago


Nah the author is a "she" you misgendering fuck lol/s

Kinda want to draw attention to this part of the article:

"Because let's remember, the things people say they love about Lovecraft's work? The existential horror? The sense of helplessness and unknowable horrors? Guess what, they don't belong to him."

So the author seems to have more of an issue with the work being labelled as "inspired by Lovecraft" rather than the actual content. To me that makes the entire argument feel far less substantive than if she had issues with themes themselves. Her issue is that Lovecraft gets the credit and not much more by the sounds of it.

Another issue I have is that this article offers no citations or evidence to back up her claims and no analysis whatsoever. It's just lazy and offers nothing thought-provoking when it easily could've.

annoyedgamer100d ago

I am willing to bet 6 false harassment allegations that the author is a fan of Margaret Sanger and Che Guevara.

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OpenGL100d ago

Lmao, get the fuck out. He was a product of a different time and these games aren't endorsing his political views.

carcarias100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

This is pathetic.

Oh yeah sure, let's stop making games based on the mythos and stories of someone who helped create and inspire many of the horror themes we love today, just because, 100 years later, his language (which doesn't effect the actual games we make today) doesn't gel with today's culture.

If all he gave to people was hate, why is he still so popular? That's a really negative view of humanity the contributor has there. His stories capture the imagination, but only in so far as the supernatural and horror themes are concerned. Anyone would think he wrote Mein Kampf.

What a sad hack to write this utter nonsense. I can only hope it's mere clickbait.

Honestly, if you're going to declare that everyone who doesn't fit in by today's criteria be banned/forgotten then you're gonna be saying goodbye to pretty much everything before I don't know, 1900? 1970? 1990 even? It all depends on how easily you're triggered and how quick you are to declare someone a racist/misogynist/homophobe.

salmonade100d ago

Sad hack is correct. Avoid this Sam Greer guy's future articles like the plague.

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