Xbox Live 2.0 writes: As Xbox Live users ready themselves for a 'revolutionary' update, we ask Live's chief how the changes will affect the system's appeal. Tim Ingham reports…

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Flop Runs Deep4282d ago

It sounds like the upcoming update will be another disappointment

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4281d ago

Another disappointment like Zerodin and pp

Deadman644281d ago

lol didn't you just get in game messaging like a month ago?

Sarah Palin4281d ago

@Deadman64----HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA, that was nice.
Flop, dont be a douche, or have to start washing with you.

Mr Fancy Pants4281d ago

yeah @Deadman64 but we're not paying for it. psn=free and evolving fast!

Bladestar4281d ago

for a person that actually works for a living... I do not mind paying $4/month... for a feature that would actually save me time... time is money...

I would hate spending hours trying to organize games between friends just because I cant communicate without cross games, join their sessions or send game invites...

When Sony matches all these features.. then you can talk about free... since you can't get any of these features on the PS3 even if you paid for it...

I am very interested specially on the party system... it will make the service even more valuable.

quit crying over $4/month your cheap leg humper and ask your mom to give you $4/month for doing the shores...

Sarah Palin4281d ago

Its may be free. But you get what you pay for. But you already know that, since PSN has had NOTHING(Features or Decent Games) for the last 2 years. Evolving Fast? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. They havent caught up to XBL. And with the NXE, they are going to be even further behind. To top it all off, it took them years to get where they are now(which is still behind XBL). I like free sh*t too, but everything FREE has a catch. EVERYTHING.

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ionize4282d ago

"We are also going to change our corporate color from fluorescent green to blue and are going to add a 'W' and a couple of 'i's in the name in an attempt to completely copy Nintendo's idea as we feel potential Xbox owners will convince their parents to buy a cheaper 'Wii'.

I Make Stuff Up4281d ago

Not much wrong with that post. You just don't like it.

Imallvol74281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

But I think the upgrade to the dashboard is a bigger deal for current owners than new owners. And their goal is to get more casual gamers. I don't think this is going to do it.

I know I am stoked about it, but I can guarantee just about anyone who doesn't have a 360 doesn't have any idea about it. Especially not a casual gamer. NXE?? Whaaaaaaa?

And what happened to the whole "games are the only thing that matter" argument that always came up when Sony talked about home blu ray?

Sarah Palin4281d ago

I think its b/c Sony was focused on everything BUT games.
They just brought their online experience up to par. Something the 360 has been doing for a while(since launch). So when you have a great product, the only thing you can do is find ways to make it better. Microsoft is doing just that. IF IT AINT BROKE, DONT FIX IT---IMPROVE IT. Sony needs to get its head on straight. They have a great console, and I cant help but feel they are "abandoning" it like they did the PSP. It took them almost 2 years to have a GOOD game(MGS4, which was great). But in those two years all they did was promote Blu-ray capabilities. Now, they got a SMALL handful of promises lined up, and yet somehow people seem to think that makes up for the lack of PSN functions and GAMES that the PS3 hasnt had much of for the last 2 years. I would feel Shafted, personally.

Philip J Fry4281d ago

and going back to the Super Nintendo. I don't need a multimedia device, I already have an MP3 player for that. I want a gaming machine.

OMGLOLZ4281d ago

Just kidding, I'm not eight years old.

It looks like a steaming pile of Sesame Street toddler crap, coated with childish bright colors and over the top hideously animated avatars.

Congrats, for being the least original with their "new" online interface. A twisted breed of Home + Mii's = a childish pile of crap.

Sarah Palin4281d ago

You might be onto something.....its just Miis + Home----if Miis weren't Gay, and Home was worth a crap(or even out for that matter).

enjoy your delays/empty promises.

Sitdown4281d ago

You claim not to be eight, but I do wonder why a none 8 year old would reference Sesame Street...hmmmm. Your rant is pointless..just because you feel it is unoriginal makes it bad? Being a mix of home and Mii's equals childish....and to think, you know all of this and NXE has not even been released?

OMGLOLZ4280d ago

A wannabe XMB, with childish looking avatars, and they wasted all your money on gamerpics and themes just to make them irrelevant with a software update.

It's completely useless, and it makes the entire experience feel childish, and I got into the early access thing, and it's completely retarded. There is no reason they needed to take what was a serious gaming experience and throw it away in the name of childish casual gaming. It looks like a fisher price toy now, with a bunch of super happy smiling avatars instead of the kickass game characters we once had representing our profiles.

They are alienating the audience that took them this far, and for what reason? To gain a different one.