Black Ops 4 Has a 50 GB Update If You're Buying Physical

Activision has today shared information regarding the install and day one update for Black Ops 4, and it's not good news for physical buyers.

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Switch4One8d ago

Wow! What's the point of buying physical if you have to download 90% of the game anyway?

Crispyleeks8d ago

Yeah, it kind of defeats the point of buying physical, aside from being able to trade it in if you're not a fan. I'm still more tempted to buy digital just for the convenience though now.

4Sh0w7d ago

Yet again another reason that makes digital my preferred method of purchase, its not like physical is so much quicker for initial gameplay but even if it was, never having to handle the disc again, switching between games, collection all in one spot, auto updates etc are just too many conveniences over the life cycle of gameplay to make me go back to digital.

darthv727d ago (Edited 7d ago )

So the total install size of both physical and digital is around 55gb and yet the physical purchaser is going to have to basically download 95% of the game all over again to patch what is installed from the disc.

Why the hell dont Activision just delay the release to fix the issue with the physical games so its the same build as the digital one? Press a whole bunch of new discs with the current version of the game.

Unless the physical disc really only contains the first 5gb and nothing more, which then leads to downloading the rest of the game...?

Newmanator7d ago

Conspiracy Theory: they inflate the download size to get you to buy digital to reduce the second hand games market for BOPS4

EmperorDalek7d ago

@Newmanator... That doesn't sound so crazy actually, I could believe that.

Clunkyd7d ago

Yeah, too bad that digital copy is worth $0 once you buy it.

kparks7d ago

I don't like how if something happens to your account.. ban or lose it some how you can kiss your thousands of dollars in games goodbye that's BS

Skull5217d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Kinda ruins the argument that if the digital distributors disappear so do your games, it’s applicable to physical as well.

It’s really just a small segment of older gamers who are holding onto physical, resistant to change, the younger generation and intelligent gamers imbrace it.

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PlatinumKing19827d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Here in UK price and resale is the biggest reasons to buy physical over digital . Until digital competes with physical prices I’m all for it . But yes this is a taking the [email protected]@

EazyC7d ago

Fundamentally it should be cheaper as there is no physical production cost and the only middleman is Sony/MS

RosweeSon6d ago

If it’s a keeper I go digital if it’s something I’ll get bored of within weeks/months it’s physical for me the digital costs day one are ridiculous however they aren’t few weeks after launch in the sales they can be very competitively prices but the resale is a big thing for me specially if it’s a game I’ll not wanna go back to.
Spiderman was one for me I’ll check dlc out at some point get cheap goty edition in the future no doubt but bought it for £42 sold it for £40 £2 less than to nail a top game 100% and got the platinum, bargain ;)

81BX7d ago

Why delay the game when it's fixed by a patch?

Skankinruby7d ago

BINGO, that sure is the million dollar question isn't it? Of course physical nazis insist trade-in value and sharing with your friends is a significant selling point but it's just not. If they cut drm physical games are Dino tech immediately.

2pacalypsenow7d ago

Physical nazis? Fuck me for wanting to have the option of reselling my game right?

PapaBop7d ago

Did you seriously just compare those of us who like our physical releases to a political ideology that is responsible for committing genocide?

Skankinruby7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I don't mean nazis as in Hitler followers you illiterate moron, it's also a term used to describe people who shove their opinion down your throat and preach it as factual.

Phoenix767d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Physical Nazi?!?
Wow. You sound like a Digital Fascist.

UltraNova7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

"I don't mean nazis as in Hitler followers you illiterate moron, it's also a term used to describe people who shove their opinion down your throat and preach it as factual."

Physical was here first. It has been and still is the standard. So the people who shove their opinion down your throat and preach as you so...delicately put it are those who prefer digital today and are trying to change the standard!

So be a good lad and f*** off nicely.

Skankinruby7d ago

'So the people who shove their opinion down your throat and preach as you so...delicately put it are those who prefer digital today and are trying to change the standard!'

Are you serious? You really think people expressing their opinion on Internet forums are trying to change anything? That 'standard' is changing all on its own wether you like it or not, digital sales are gaining market share year over year. These 'standards' are the best available option at the time and as technology progresses certain products get left behind. I don't give two shits what you or any other loudmouth on these forums buy, nor have I ever judged anyone for their preference. I love digital games for the convenience and sales show that I am by no means alone in this opinion as digital is gainin significant market share year over year. Just like cassettes, cds, vhs, dvds, cartridges, all of of which were at one point the 'standard' physical games will get left behind. Digital is good for production costs as well and you better believe developers are on board with shifting in this direction. A handful of loud mouths on the the internet isn't going to change the obvious.

notachance6d ago

lol for someone who thinks he's "not judging anyone by their preference" you sure are easy to throw words like physical nazi, illiterate moron, and loud mouths around

the shining example of internet indeed

"I don't mean nazis as in Hitler followers you illiterate moron, it's also a term used to describe people who shove their opinion down your throat and preach it as factual."
you mean like you did with these comments? should've bought digital mirror too along with all your digital purchase mate

DarXyde6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


Some of us like our bandwidth. Some of us live in areas with data caps. I'm not going to get on a soapbox and tell you why digital is bad; while I prefer physical, I do, from time to time, buy digital. But yes, I do like to borrow and lend games. I do like to just bring games where the save data doesn't matter to a friend's house and play sometimes without dragging my console because they already have one. I don't like to be dependent on an internet connection to acquire my games. I'm all for choice, personally. I am curious though...can you prove that resale value is not a significant selling point? From where I stand, it seems GameStop survives largely on used game sales. Additionally, Walmart started selling used games and Amazon has a pretty good-sized market for used titles. I'm not sure you have facts on your side there, but maybe you know something that I don't.

I should add, Black Ops 4's update does not affect me at all since I'm not buying it (I'm here to read about any reasoning they may have provided). Doesn't make my opinion any less valid, however.

P.S., if you want people to consider your position and take you a bit more seriously, I would recommend laying off the personal attacks. They're childish.


"Just like cassettes, cds, vhs, dvds, cartridges, all of of which were at one point the 'standard' physical games will get left behind. "

CDs still exist. New albums are available physically. Cartridges lack the storage capacity of the discs that came after them. VHS was replaced by another physical medium, DVD. DVD was replaced by another physical medium, Blu-Ray. You can definitely still buy new movies (as well as old remastered movies) on Blu-ray. You mention a natural evolution of formats but completely ignore the formats existing alongside digital distribution. Digital has not killed Blu-Ray. They exist contemporaneously.

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the worst7d ago

The point is when Im done with the game I can sell it

JackBNimble7d ago

Well then who cares how much of this game is down load then, at least you still have the physical copy to resell in your hands.

Eidolon7d ago

i thought the whole point of buying physical was the fact that you owned the game. Who the F buys it to avoid downloads?

dumahim6d ago

People with limited bandwidth, people with a monthly cap, etc..

Eidolon6d ago

Any article about digital only consoles. the only point brought across about physical copies is that you own it, and it has value, can touch it, collect it. I have never seen someone comment about bandwidth limitations on those types of articles. NOW it's okay to say it when it's COD?

angelsx7d ago

I'm going physical f . . k it

Zjet7d ago

It also has a mandatory patch, even the physical game is locked down like COD WWII.

Confirmed on Reddit update is required

JackBNimble7d ago

Isn't this CoD the one with out a single player campaign, so isn't it going to be online only anyway?

EazyC7d ago

Isn't that how it works though? I thought the disc is only read to make sure you own the game. You have to install all your games to the drive, on PS4 anyway

dumahim6d ago

The game is usually mostly included on the disc and installs off of the disc. The only thing that it is downloading is any update patches so installing off of the disc is typically much quicker than downloading.

CurbStompin6d ago

Well resale value, that's the only reason anyone buys physical.

Physgamer6d ago

Not true I simply don't have internet nor do I have the ability to get it I live with my grandad who does not believe in internet plus I have played plenty of games on my ps4 without internet access and before u ask I'm typing this on,my phone and no I don't have a hotspot

JackBNimble6d ago

You don't have internet, so explain how you plan on playing this game?
There is no SP portion of the game so that means it's online only.

TheDriz6d ago

I bet its activision trying to force people to go digital. I am digital only anyways so I don't really care. People are going to be mad but as a business owner I don't blame a company trying to maximize profits.

Kumakai6d ago

exactly. thats why i don't buy physical anymore. not only do you not have to deal with stock or lines or driving, or backorders, scratched or lost media, but a year into owning a game, its not even the same game that released on the disc. physical is dying and the stats actually show it.

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inxine7d ago

the fuck? why did i pre-order the disk if i have to download 50 gb anyways lol

ZXCPCA5007d ago

Because you enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of being able to look at your plastic game case and having to manually insert a disc each time you wanna play a different game.

PapaBop7d ago

Having to get up off your couch and change the discs... first world problems!

ZXCPCA5007d ago

And you don't think bleating about downloading a patch is any less of a first world problem?

CobraKai7d ago

I like that feeling of cracking open a new case and sliding that disc in and getting my coffee and snacks ready for a all nighter. Ahh. Ain’t happening with Black Ops 4 since there’s no reason for me to buy it, but Ahh nonetheless.

playnice7d ago

If the physical version of Red Dead Redemption requires that too I will delay my purchase a couple years until I get a decent internet and I grab the game at 10-15$... give us two discs damn it! Blu Ray are dirt cheap nowadays!?!

dumahim6d ago

Sure, but if it's 105 GB, it isn't fitting on two discs anyway.

playnice6d ago

I don't understand all the complexity of video game programming but I can't imagine they don't have enough of 100GB? I mean it's not like they have pre-rendered 4K cutscenes... Why can't they do something like offer to compress a few textures with options to download higher fidelity ? My PS4 Pro does render games wayyyy better than my switch but damn I can fit probably 20 games in 100 GB!