Interstellar Marines an "evolutionary leap in the genre"

PSU has been receiving many requests from our readers as of late concerning an update on Zeropoint Software's sci-fi FPS, Interstellar Marines. As a result, we decided to get in touch with the Copenhagen-based studio in order to shed some light on the project.

According to company representative Kristian Waneck, the title remains very much in developed behind closed doors, with the studio only too well aware of the frustrations shared by gamers from lack of updates on the title.

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Jpinter4275d ago

I'm pretty excited for this game.

Caxtus7504275d ago


I assumed it was canceled because it has been a few years since we heard anything.

A nice surprise :)

Jpinter4275d ago

Yeah, a lot of people were beginning to think it had become vaporware. However, I've been keeping in touch with the team and the game is still very much alive. I hope to see some new media and what not soon.

ATLRoAcH4275d ago

I saw the two videos that came out for it a long time ago and I've been really interested in this title since. I too assumed that it was canceled. I'm really glad it's still in development. I think it could turn out to be really good.