Console Exclusives Matter More Than You Think

This console generation Sony has profoundly exercised the significance of platform exclusives by showering their PS4 users with an abundance of software. Yet, there are some who would believe Sony's exclusives are not the real reason for the manufacturers massive PlayStation success this generation.

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DarkVoyager950d ago

“Console Exclusives Matter More Than You Think“

Agreed. And PlayStation is where the best exclusives are.

Godmars290950d ago

Nintendo says "Hi".

Microsoft - again - "We are dedicated to providing the best gaming experience to our community".

950d ago
uptownsoul950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

@Godmars290 - "Nintendo says 'Hi'."

PlayStation is leading the home console market in marketshare & mindshare (and has been leading the home console market for the vast majority of the last 20-25 years) because:

1) They give more high quality exclusives than one home console platform (Xbox)


2) Having more major AAA multiplatform games than the other home console platform (Nintendo)

The fact is: All 3 home console platforms need BOTH high quality exclusives AND high quality multiplatform games…of the 3 platforms, PlayStation traditionally has the best mix

JaguarEvolved950d ago

Thats why PlayStation is the best

bigmalky950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

You all need to stop this.

Sony and Nintendo have published some fantastic exclusives this generation. Both are doing well.

Microsoft are the only company that needs to step up, and stop trying to find the already apparent formula for gaming + ? = money.

? will always equal great games.

Why o why949d ago

Not just more exclusives but a wider range of exclusives. Only the ignorant hide behind quips about or against their importance

PowerOfTheCloud949d ago


You make sense. No need to talk down neither sony's nor nintendo's exclusives as the both do a great job providing them.

MS on the other hand should get flak real hard constantly by every gamer for their pathetic attempts when it comes to exclusives and xbox fans should be most vocal about this instead of defending ms and rather crusading on other companies about minor issues like crossplay.

nucky64949d ago

i'll say hi back to nintendo - but i'm still sticking with ps4 (and eventually 5) due to sonys kick-ass exclusives.

sonarus949d ago

The only reason Nintendo is still standing is there is no substitute for Mario

Godmars290949d ago

And all I said - mostly - is that Nintendo says "hi".

Sony may make better games, has sustained the industry since taking the lead from them, but Nintendo still holds enough of a presence in general - not gaming - market to take it back with the right moves. The Will, Switch and even the current madness that is Bowsesste prove that.

Thing is two console gens and their current online efforts show that they've got a ways to go.

Dragonscale949d ago

Ms are dedicated to the best gaming experience in our community? Lmfao.

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950d ago Replies(5)

“Console Exclusives Matter More Than You Think” in other news water is wet? And PlayStation is where the best exclusives are 🤷🏽‍♂️

Zeldafan64949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

I have played Breath of the Wild for over 800 hours. Tell me, have you ever played a single player sony first party exclusive for that long? I doubt anyone has played the last of us for that long outside of maybe the developers of the game.

Nyxus949d ago

Cool, I've played Breath of the Wild for about 70 hours, and that was more than enough for me. There are several PS4 games I played for over 100 hours, such as Persona 5 and Yakuza 0.

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UltraNova949d ago

Wait, so if you (the guy with that name tag) played a Nintendo game for 6900578 hrs it means that Nintendo has the best games?

No dude, no...that means you are OCD.

Food for thought: I've played Dark Souls 3 for well over 600 hrs, well over any other game, exclusive or not, this gen. This is a multiplatform game. So what does this mean - all platforms DS3 is available on are the best?

KickSpinFilter949d ago

If you think longevity is what makes a good game, your a bit clueless. Last of Us is a game I still think of till this day along with Inside. Inside being a fairly short game but one of the best I have played this Gen. And the TLOU being one of my favorites of all time.

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antz1104949d ago

Just what we need here, another article stroking Sonys ego.

Zeldafan64949d ago

There are a lot of sony fanboys who can't wait to jump at the chance to shove sony's dick down their throat.

Tazzy949d ago

It's not about who has the best exclusives Microsoft has some great exclusives and so does Nintendo I have Gran Turismo Sport for PS4PRO and got Forza Horizon 4 free with the Xbox Game Pass and Forza is better. You like Playstation and that's fine but they don't put out the best exclusives Mario Odyssey sold more copies in 3 months than Sony did with Horizon in a year and they're both exclusive to certain console. Gamers will go out and buy a console that they like I got PS4/PRO and Xbox One X both have great exclusives in my opinion.

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PhoenixUp950d ago

Who’s seriously saying exclusives don’t matter? Show your of hands!

Godmars290950d ago

Doesn't count. MS would raise their hands based on timed exclusivity.

meganick949d ago

But even Sony is winning in that regard as well, especially factoring in timed exclusive dlc.

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Spartacus10949d ago

I buy Sony consoles because that's what I started gaming with and I'm used to the controller. For the first time this gen I bought an X1 as well as a PS4, and the X1 got sold because I realised that 95% of the time I play games which are multi-platform and it doesn't make sense to be paying for 2 subscriptions and having to decide every time a game which platform to get it on.

I'm enjoying spider-man right now but this year most my time has gone into playing Monster Hunter and FIFA, and soon Red Dead Redemption is coming out. If for example Sony didn't make Spider-man, or it wasn't exclusive to PS4, it would make no difference to me, and I believe there are many gamers out there (on all systems) who just play a handful of games, of which none are exclusives.

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riibhu950d ago

No one denies that. Exclusive products define a brand. Problem is when some people make it out to be the sole factor of success. Which it's not, it's only one of the factor. There are other factors too. Wiiu had exclusive games but guess what? it flopped hard. The same games are now being ported to Nintendo Switch and receiving critical acclaim and actually selling this time. Portability is the main reason for such success for Switch, exclusive are just cherry on the cake.

Shadowolf950d ago

You make an intelligent argument concerning the WiiU, however Nintendo's first party offerings for the WiiU were far from consistent year over year, in addition the lack of 3rd party with the slow burn of first party games meant the demise of the Wii successor. While there are various factors which certainly played a major part in the success of the PS4 this generation, personally I believe the massive list of quality first party and exclusives games for the PS4 are the systems most valuable asset.

paintedgamer1984950d ago

Exactly, and it didnt hurt that MS completely facepalmed out the gate, and Sony had the cheaper more powerful box. Put more highly rated exclusives on top of that and it was just the perfect storm of domination for the underdog going into gen 8.

AspiringProGenji950d ago

No one says it is the sole factor, but it is a Big one factor. The Wii u didn’t sell because of bad marketing and many more cons so it is a peopee example.

Yes the switch’s portability is - big factor, but what would portability even matter without GAMES? You can’t have features and not gamed using it can you? Hence, why the switch is also selling because of Nintendo games

riibhu950d ago

"The Wii u didn’t sell because of bad marketing and many more cons"
That's what I said(or rather meant), exclusive alone don't determine the success, the console in question has to have some pretty good features too.
"Yes the switch’s portability is - big factor, but what would portability even matter without GAMES?"
Would a device built to play games matter if it didn't play those games? No it will not but that's not what I was implying in my comment. I meant that even with games, a console is not guaranteed success hence the WiiU example.

chiefJohn117950d ago

Yes some have said it's the sole factor

Nyxus950d ago

Actually, those same games also sold really well on the Wii U (and they received critical acclaim as well).

Mario Kart 8 - 8.42 million units
Super Mario 3D World - 5.78 million units
New Super Mario Bros. U - 5.77 million units
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - 5.34 million units
Nintendo Land - 5.19 million units
Splatoon - 4.93 million units
Super Mario Maker - 4.00 million units
New Super Luigi U - 3.03 million units
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD - 2.26 million units
Mario Party 10 - 2.18 million units

riibhu950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

And yet the console bombed. That's what I'm saying that exclusive games alone are not enough for the success of the console, it's one of the biggest factor I'm not denying that but it's not the only one. But it seems people here don't get what I'm trying to say. *sigh* whatever.

Nyxus950d ago

@ riibhu: these sales numbers show that the exclusives aren't the reason the Wii U flopped. In fact, these games still sold big numbers despite the system itself being unsuccessful.

chiefJohn117950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

He didn't say exclusives are the reason Wii u bombed. He saying it proves exclusives arent the end all be all and the wii u prove it. Do you have comprehension problems? You're agreeing with him without realizing 😆

paintedgamer1984950d ago

I find it crazy that Mario Kart 8 sold almost 8.5 million units and it couldnt save the wiiu. The wiiu actually had some pretty amazing games for the first what... 3 or 4 years? After the big N seen how much the console was flailing i feel like they began padding the Switches 1st year with amazing hits. Most of the exclusives on the Switch in the 1st year were probably initially slated for the wiiu. Making the Nintendo Switch the most successful launch of a gaming console ever! And i totally see Sony replicating (to an extent) this very method with the launch of the PS5. I wouldnt be the least bit suprised if within the PS5 first 12-18 months we see exclusives launch like no other playstation before it. Sony seems to start out really slow and then once the console is 2-3 years old it starts firing on all cylinders. Well, gen 9 for Sony i expect this to happen much faster.

Nyxus950d ago

@ chief: I was responding to this: 'The same games are now being ported to Nintendo Switch and receiving critical acclaim and actually selling this time.'

That seems to be implying the exclusives on Wii U did not sell, and that's not true, as proven by the numbers I provided. No need to start insulting right away, doesn't make you look good.

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chiefJohn117950d ago

Exactly, htf ppl down votes you? Lol they're in denial.

Legatus949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

But not nearly in denial as much as you. I mean you are in the thread that just states the fact that PS4 destroyed xbox one this gen with exclusives and sales and you are here defending xbox one and downplaying the exclusives, the main reason why PS4 decimated your beloved xbox. You are a loyal green soldier, i'll give you that.

chiefJohn117949d ago

Lol what ever help you sleep at night. Loyal green solider 😆 good one. I bet money I been gaming on PS longer than you been alive

kneon949d ago

Nintendo exclusives tend to attract a narrow demographic (the Wii was an anomaly and succeeded for other reasons). They need to broaden the appeal of their exclusives if they want to win over some of the rest of gamers that don't care for their current exclusives.

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ApocalypseShadow950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

Sony's exclusives prove why they matter. Their being award winning again and again make them a wanted commodity. But it's not just that. Its the variety from in house,2nd and 3rd parties that give them the worldwide brand that is known for giving gamers a choice.

You can't feed someone the same type of meals every time and expect them to not get tired of it. Only when you have no other choice will you eat it. And jump at the chance for anything new. Even if it's mediocre compared to a Porter house, T-bone or Sirloin steak. That's Microsoft's response. But it doesn't make any sense to most gamers on PS4. Microsoft is bringing home the bacon with their doctor level salary. But feeding the kids TV dinner Salisbury steak and freezer chicken nuggets. With that terrible mashed potatoes on the side. Blech!

It doesn't end there either. As the video stated. Sony's PSVR, and VR itself, is not a gimmick. Not just for gaming. It's a cost saving simulation technology being added to multiple fields. It's not going away. And PSVR has its own exclusives that are not found anywhere else on consoles. No matter what you think about VR, or those that can't play because of motion sickness, PSVR is helping Sony by stacking exclusives on top of exclusives. It's like having Christmas every week on the PS4 platform. "Too much variety" given to the Ratchet and Clank review on PS3 defines PS4. Every gamer in the world has too much to choose from.

There's another article, actually a yearly thing that Phil Spenser heads to Japan. Where are the Microsoft owned Japanese Studios? Again, with all that money they make, Not one reason a Japanese gamer would justify buying an Xbox if the company hasn't made **ONE** Japanese game for the platform this generation for them. Over 15 years in the industry. There are no excuses. Profits are their only cares. Looking to get paid without putting in the effort. And the excuses are:

"They are so much richer and can buy anybody." "Look at what they are doing on features." "Look at their services and subscriptions." "Just wait until next time." "You'll see."

While Sony just puts in work every generation. And the family gets to eat things like caviar,truffles and king crab legs on the weekends. Even the family dog is eating filet mignon cut into little bite sized pieces. It's so delicious that they end up gaining weight from all the food variety on Sony's train conductor salary.

AspiringProGenji950d ago

Man I got Hungry reading all this

Flewid638950d ago

True but both companies are in the ballpark of being able to eat good and live well. Its just that MS sits on a seemingly endless boatload of it, you'd think they'd be all in.

Great analogies this was an awesome read.

paintedgamer1984950d ago

I honestly dont ever see the xbox being extremely popular in the Asian countries or world wide for that matter like Nintendo and Sony. This gen could have turned out much differently for them had they not stumbled, tripped, and fallen so many times it would make bystandards cringe. The USA has always been MS's strongest market, and even that was mostly taken from them this gen by Nintendo and Sony.

Silly gameAr949d ago

You have to be a novelist or a writer in real life. Your descriptions and analogies are the best.

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