Kikizo: Prince of Persia (2008) Hands-On Preview

Kikizo writes: "Old Princey's had more personality shifts than the high security wing of Arkham Asylum. In the PS2's Sands of Time he was a lovably brash, wet-behind-the-ears goateed kid, kind of like Ico's older brother. But rather than rolling with this robust temperament, Ubisoft decided that the gaming public favoured baying, unshaven heroine-addicts instead, and so along came Warrior Within and its cringeworthy taste in banded leather. Fortunately, the aforesaid public was quick to disabuse the publisher of its preconceptions, and Two Thrones steered the Prince back into likable territory, albeit with the angsty element tagging along in the time-honoured form of a "dark" alter ego. "

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