Fallout 76's Graphics Look Rough

After getting an early look at Fallout 76 many people are commenting on the graphics.

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jaklink107d ago

Yes they do. The game barely looks this gen.

UltraNova107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Its only natural if they insist on using a decade + old engine made for the ps3/xbox 360 era if not earlier.

I find it fascinating that Bethesda can get away with anything in this day and age. I mean what happened to their blatant lying and recent refusal regarding cross play in Fallout 76? An always online player pool depended game no less... Have they been forgiven already?

jaklink107d ago

I see the rest of the royalists turning on them in wake of 76, honestly. Fallout 4 was already mediocre and barely an RPG and now this takes whatever was good about 4 and diminishes it to almost nothing.

Shuckylad107d ago

It’s hard to grasp when you look at the other engines available to them from games they publish.

-Foxtrot107d ago

The nuclear bomb blast is hilarious

I’m not a graphics snob but damn it looks bad

UltraNova107d ago

Look at some Assassin's creed game play videos and then F4/76. What do you see?

Oh I'm talking about 2008's original AC game....

ameliabaz107d ago

The nuclear blast is such a "wait...that's it??" moment. I remember setting off the megaton in Fallout 3 and feeling the absolute devastation you'd wreaked on the area. But in this game it's just a bunch of orange muck and fuzzy graphics. It looks like garbage, and doesn't make you FEEL anything for setting it off.

AAWELLS09107d ago

My main complaint was the fact that the amount of debris from the blast was only a few leaves lol. I think the nuke blast needs overhauled from start to finish.

Eonjay106d ago

The budget for the game went into a fake crossplay marketing campaign.

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Forn106d ago

It really doesn't even look this gen.

playnice106d ago

still the least of the reasons why I won't be buying this game :P

mkis007107d ago

Graphics of 4 never bothered me. The lack of npc dialogue to flesh out any story is what bums me out. Knowing me Ill end of getting it regaddless of my feelings and playing it for a little while anyway, but Im just so hungry for another fallout already.

KillZallthebeast106d ago

I expect this game to be fu**ing terrible, but I love fallout so I will buy it. However not spending a dime on their money grabbing micro transactions. At worst I expect this to be sort of like destiny where its mostly empty, but still at least at first had its own appeal.

thatguyhayat107d ago

The graphics are the least problem with this game.

SouljAx360107d ago

Dude said this was probably an alpha LOL It launches in a month it better not still be in alpha. And why would they show alpha footage to get sales for their game? Bethesda games have never looked great honestly, FO4 was okay until you seen some of the textures straight outta 2006.

HylianMigz107d ago

ign is a joke. “journalists” lol and im the pringles man

playnice106d ago

Bethesda publishes some amazing looking games including Doom, Wolfenstein 2 and even open world games like Rage 2 look pretty dope! ... and then there is crap like this. Seriously are they just counting on Modders to make their games looks half decent?

awdevoftw107d ago

Rough? Lol. No. That's being nice. Anyone giving this a pass is blind or a fanboy.

GamePitt107d ago

... or a 'gamer' who judges a game on how it plays rather than looks...

awdevoftw107d ago

Maybe for an indie company. But for a well established company with a 60 dollar price tag, it should definately have better production values. And the gameplay actually looked pretty bad too.

Highlife107d ago

Or maybe we judge the overall package and graphics are a part of the game.

Forn106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

It framerate is hoppy as hell too. Not to mention the animations, etc. With graphics like that it should at least be a smooth 60fps.

Hungryalpaca106d ago

Considering it LOOKS awful and has a 30fps limit, I’d say it’s going to play pretty bad.

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jjb1981106d ago

In that case, I am a blind fanboy.

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