No Xbox One X Patch Coming for RiME, Tequila Works Confirms

RiME was for a long time on Microsoft's Xbox One X enhanced list of upcoming games due to be patched, but it looks like that's not happening even though the game is enhanced for PlayStation 4 Pro.

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KionicWarlord222103d ago

Thats strange they improved the ps4 pro but not DA X.

Nitrowolf2103d ago

Maybe it’ll have pro options on there, just no extra work of the power ?

Either way if not it’s understandable considering the trouble this game went through with development and cost

JaguarEvolved103d ago

A lot of games don't sell well on Xbox especially certain games like this. The logical answer would be that the DLC won't be very profitable. The Xbox one is a failure so I'm not sure why it's hard for people to understand that its not wise to make big investments in the console

OpenGL103d ago

Rime launched after the Pro was already on the market but before the X was on the market so it was technically required to offer some form of Pro support.

KaiPow103d ago

Even the frame rate bump would've been nice if nothing else from the PS4 Pro patch.

Chris_Wray103d ago

There could be a few reasonable reasons why. The cost of developing the enhanced edition for the PS4 wasn't cost-effective and worth it for the company. Also, it could be a simple cast that Sony funded the enhanced edition development.

ghostrider32103d ago

Wow. That is shady as hell.

The_Sage103d ago

Rime was pretty good. Got it as a plus game.