8 Video Game Collector’s Editions That Weren’t Worth the Money

There are some cool video game collector's editions out there. Then there are those that just don't warrant their hefty price tags.

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Nyxus950d ago

Uhm... you do know the Hyrule Warriors LE is pretty valuable right?

jamiethepayne950d ago

It wasn't worth the money then, and it isn't worth the money after being driven up by low supply. The European version is the exact same as the NA one, except they made many, many more. I bought it. It wasn't worth the £60.

chris235950d ago

the real worth of collector‘s editions is in the head of the fanboy. this is the mechanism they are using to rid the fanboy off his money. so this must be one of the most pointless blogposts ever.

InKnight7s950d ago

Agree , there ain't game wortt 200 400 600 buck or even 100 bucks, but $70 and $80 is considerable for a game with art book.

950d ago
persona4chie949d ago

Not all of those were even collector's editions. Plus imo paying an extra 10-$20 for for extra stuff as in with a few of these limited editions isnt that bad