The 10 Coolest New Features in Fallout 76 - Xbox Wire

Xbox Wire: “War. War never changes.” While that phrase has been part of Fallout’s lore since the very beginning, the same can’t be said about the Fallout series itself. Each game in the venerable post-apocalyptic RPG series has expanded and improved upon features in the entry before it, to the point that the changing locales (like Washington DC in Fallout 3 and Boston in Fallout 4) often end up playing second fiddle to some major gameplay alterations.

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DarkVoyager9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

“The 10 Coolest New Features in Fallout 76 - Xbox Wire“

Sorry Major Nelson, there’s nothing cool about this game. It’s online only, the visuals are dated, and I’m sure it’s full of bugs being a Bethesda game.

Launching this turd around RDR2 is asking for trouble.