OXM UK: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Review

OXM UK writes: "With some street racing games rapidly approaching the size of Antarctica, it's refreshing that Midnight Club: Los Angeles map is comparatively modest. In this compact, but still very believable rendering of the Californian city, it doesn't take an hour to drive from point A to B.

This game deals out its thrills with razor-sharp efficiency. When you select a race, the camera zooms out to a bird's eye view of the city before dropping back down onto the starting grid. There aren't any prolonged load times, this eye candy serves to make one race flow seamlessly into the next.

Equally no-nonsense is the way that you're not forced to complete races in a certain order, or suffer any long, convoluted storylines to make progress. There is a straightforward plot about rising through the street-racing ranks. Cinematics are kept to a minimum and they're punchily scripted, if a little humourless."

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