Fallout 76’s big multiplayer question: Who is in charge of the story? | Polygon

Polygon: "Shortly after bounding into the world of Fallout 76, I came upon a campsite put down by the overseer of the game’s namesake vault. She’d gone out ahead of us on some important mission. What exactly it was, I couldn’t tell, because the holotape she’d left behind, and all the others I would find this day, was drowned out by the multiplayer chat of my three squadmates."

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Thundercat7710d ago (Edited 10d ago )

"These shared missions began to feel like chaotic, semi-cooperative scavenger hunts from summer camp."

I have read mixed previews. I don't know if this game is targeted to the Fortnite, PUBG, The Division, Destiny or Call of Duty audience but it looks like is going to have a hard time building momentum and or convincing Fallout fans.

Drithe10d ago

Polygon is a joke of a site. Hillary Clinton runs it.